Digital Signage

Commercial Digital Signage vs TVs: What Is the Difference?

When it comes to the Commercial Digital Signage vs TVs argument, there is an expectation that the device, whether a TV or a digital sign, will be fit for a purpose. There is an expectation, but there isn't a legal obligation. Neither “TV” or “Digital Sign” are protected terms, so the only way somebody can sue you is if you veer very far away from what is reasonably expected. … [Read more...]

The Top Seven Perks of Mobile Billboard Advertising

Mobile billboards are an excellent way to market your brand to the general public. They are transportable, handy, and able to reach a vast number of people. There are several benefits to employing mobile billboards for marketing. Vehicles Can Go Almost Everywhere, and So Can Your Brand Voice Your brand will be visible wherever you go. When you’re on a busy roadway, you’ll … [Read more...]

7 Ways Restaurants Can Use Digital Signage to Be More Awesome

There are many companies that are making the most of digital signs in a big way. What was once a trend is now becoming a staple of many businesses, and restaurants are one of them. We saw independent establishments making the most of digital signs and it looked great, but when McDonald's started using interactive digital signs for everything from entertainment to making orders, … [Read more...]

How Do Digital Menu Boards Work?

Menus displayed on computer screens or television screens are known as digital menu boards. Coffee shops and cafes frequently employ these. They feature menu item photos and pricing. It's simple to update, and it can be linked to databases to automatically update boards in a matter of minutes. In this tutorial, we will go in detail about how digital menu boards work. To … [Read more...]

How Can Your Organization Get the Most Out of Digital Signage?

Should your organization be using digital signage? Digital billboards today have never been easier to deploy in a wide range of industries. From pop up digital billboard rentals to permanent fixtures, digital signage can attract attention, monetize spaces, and create a memorable experience at brand activations. Digital signage gives you a competitive edge when it comes to … [Read more...]

Digital Signage Solutions for Small Businesses: Myths and Reality

Small businesses are still playing catch up in relation to digital signage solutions. A large part of this problem is a lack of understanding of the benefits provided by digital signage and the many myths that surround this solution. Digital signage is frequently used to promote businesses and products, effectively attracting interest in a memorable way. Small businesses … [Read more...]

5 Great Uses for Digital Signs at Your Business

Although traditional printed signs are popular, there is a growing trend of using digital signs. They have the potential to more effectively convey information and can improve customer experience with your business. Let’s take a look at other ways digital signs can benefit your business. Draw Customers In Many businesses have switched to using digital signs in their windows … [Read more...]

How to Use Digital Signage for a Successful Business Marketing Strategy

Digital signage has quickly become one of the most popular marketing efforts introduced by both small and large businesses alike, and it’s clear to see why. Yet, many companies haven’t gotten on board with digital signage, or if they have, they don’t quite know how to get the best results from it. Digital signage is a powerful tool. It grabs the attention of your customers, … [Read more...]