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7 Ways Restaurants Can Use Digital Signage to Be More Awesome

7 Ways Restaurants Can Use Digital Signage to Be More Awesome

There are many companies that are making the most of digital signs in a big way. What was once a trend is now becoming a staple of many businesses, and restaurants are one of them. We saw independent establishments making the most of digital signs and it looked great, but when McDonald’s started using interactive digital signs for everything from entertainment to making orders, we saw the trend explode. Here are seven ways that restaurants can use digital signs to great effect.

Show People What You Have for Sale

Probably the easiest way to use your digital signs is to create content that shows off your food. The great thing about digital signs is that you can offer videos of your food rather than static lifeless images. When people see the food in your videos, it gives them an idea of what to expect and perhaps whets their appetite for what you have.

Show Today’s Specials

In many restaurants, specials change on a daily basis or every few days. You can show off today’s specials using your digital signs. It is a way to promote them a little more intensely so that people actually buy what you have on offer.

Show Content Based on Stock Levels

If you are using sophisticated software like the Kitcast programs, then you can create dynamic content. You set a series of triggers for content, and your digital signs show what has been triggered rather than cycling through a schedule. The triggers in this case could be your stock levels. For example, if you are all out of the Burmese Fish dish, then your stock level shows as zero, and the advertisements for Burmese Fish no longer appear on your digital signs.

Promote Your App

Modern restaurants are using apps to promote their restaurants. It is more than just promotion because apps allow people to make pre-orders, to make bookings, to pick vegan meals, to pick allergy-free meals, and even allow people to order takeaway food. If you have an app, and even if that app only shows off your most recent menu, then you can promote your app through your digital signs. People can find your app in the stores, they can find it through your website (as advertised on your digital signs), they can find your app through the QR code that you place on your digital sign, or by connecting with your digital sign if you have the hardware that allows for Bluetooth connections.

Use Interactive Signs to Allow People to Pay

If you have interactive signs, then people can order their meals using them and they can even pay using them. McDonalds has done this very thing all around the globe. People walk in, they create their order using the digital sign, they finalize their order, and send it through. They then have the option to pay with a contactless card at the sign itself, or they can pay when they get to the counter.

You can do a very similar thing with your restaurant if you have invested in interactive screens or touch screens. You can even connect the table-top tablets you have to your digital signs so that people at your tables may make their individual orders, and then it shows the orders for their table on the digital sign. People can confirm their orders with your digital signs, and you can even give them estimates as to how long their orders are going to be after they make their order or receive their next course.

Promote Your Restaurant Through Social Media

You can link your content to various numbers of social media, and you can even have people engage with your content. You can show off your Facebook groups on your digital signs and have people comment from your restaurant using their phones. You can offer rewards for people sharing your content on social media, and you can explain these rewards and what is required with the use of your digital signs.

Promote Your Restaurant Through Reviews

You can ask people for reviews while they are in your restaurant. Rather than sending them emails a few days later and hoping they actually register their review, you can have them set a review in your restaurant while they are sitting there waiting for their desserts. You can even offer incentives and rewards for posting positive reviews using their phones and your digital signs.

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