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How Can Your Organization Get the Most Out of Digital Signage?

How Can Your Organization Get the Most Out of Digital Signage?

Should your organization be using digital signage? Digital billboards today have never been easier to deploy in a wide range of industries. From pop up digital billboard rentals to permanent fixtures, digital signage can attract attention, monetize spaces, and create a memorable experience at brand activations.

Digital signage gives you a competitive edge when it comes to creating experiences, engaging customers, solidifying your brand, and increasing your visibility – whatever your industry.

If you haven’t thought about deploying a digital signage solution, take a look at some of the industries that can benefit the most from digital signage.

Music Festivals

Music festivals are all about the experience. People look forward to the summer festival season every year not just to see their favorite bands but to immerse themselves in a one-of-a-kind experience that they can’t find anywhere else. For some, music festivals are life-changing experiences that they’ll remember forever.

Digital signage in this environment has to be something special. It should add to the festival experience if you want to engage concert-goers and make your brand part of the experience they walk away with.

Commercial and Retail Property

Property management companies and commercial landlords can transform the spaces they’re responsible for with digital signage. Investing in digital display signs can help property managers with:

  • Improved wayfinding
  • Additional revenue streams through advertising
  • Event schedules
  • Digitized parking lots
  • Gamification experiences
  • Visitor messaging

Additional revenue from digital advertising can raise property values, but it’s also increasingly seen as standard in top-tier properties. It’s the kind of feature that higher-value tenants look for in commercial, retail, and office buildings.

Sponsorship Fulfillment

Street festivals, art exhibitions, sporting events, film festivals, and more can use digital billboards to give their sponsors the real recognition and attention they deserve. Sponsorship fulfillment is key to retaining high-value sponsors for future events, and that means a lot more than just displaying their logo.

Interactive digital billboards can turn sponsor recognition into a highlight in its own right. Interactive features, Augmented Reality experiences, and gamification experiences can shine the spotlight on your sponsors and integrate them more closely into the event. Interactive outdoor signage changes the game when it comes to sponsorship fulfillment, and you’ll make your sponsors feel like they’re getting great returns in brand awareness.

Trade Shows and Convention Centers

Trade shows are your opportunity to stand out in your industry, and they provide the rare chance to reach a hyper-targeted audience interested in your product.

But making an impression at a crowded trade show where everyone else is pulling out all the stops is no easy feat. One of the ways you can make sure people stop and engage is by providing an activity, something that a gamification experience was tailor-made to do.

Convention centers themselves need attractive digital signage that can adapt to a diverse schedule of events. Property managers can handle changing wayfinding needs, deploy health and safety messaging, and provide essential attendee messaging. It’s also an opportunity to develop a new revenue stream through advertising and upselling show organizers.

Car Dealerships

There’s no better traffic than foot traffic in a dealership. Parking lot messaging on a crisp, digital screen is more likely to attract eyeballs and drive traffic inside.

Once they’re through the door, interactive digital touch screens provide vehicle exploration and digital brochures, helping you create a stress-free, no-pressure environment where customers can familiarize themselves with your inventory without feeling pressured by sales tactics.

Make digital signage work for you. Whatever industry you’re in, you can create new revenue streams, attract more attention, and engage potential customers.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

Opinions expressed by contributors are their own.