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Do You Have an Exit Strategy?: An Interview with Dr. Pamela Dennis

Do You Have an Exit Strategy?: An Interview with Dr. Pamela Dennis

According to Dr. Pamela Dennis, most business owners wait too long to start thinking about, and planning for, the sale of their businesses. In this interview, Dean Rotbart of Monday Morning Radio talks with Dr. Dennis about how she advises business owners who are seeking to develop exit strategies for leaving their businesses, and also how she helps them prepare for life after business ownership.

In the interview, Dr. Dennis shares some of the most common and the most costly mistakes business owners make when they sell their businesses. She also talks about how to get the best sale price possible when selling.

Dr. Pamela Dennis is the author of Exit Signs: The Expressway to Selling Your Company With Pride and Profit. She is formerly the owner of Destra Consulting Group, which was named to the “Colorado Top 100 Women Owned Businesses” list. Dr. Dennis received her Ph.D. in Organization Development and Education from the University of Colorado and is now affiliated with the Leeds School of Business Women’s Council at the University of Colorado.

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