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Selecting an Evergreen Ecommerce Niche

Selecting an Evergreen Ecommerce Niche

There are many different types of businesses in America, but the ones that are the most successful are those that have a strong, recognizable brand, as a result of providing a product or service that has consistent demand. These businesses go above and beyond to delight their customer base by constantly improving their products based on customer feedback, taking steps to improve their customer service, and consistently promote their online brand through multiple social and advertising channels.

Broad niches are usually defined by the type of product they sell. Some niches are selling cars, cell phones, music or videos, clothing, or computers. Whether your passion is sports or ecommerce, you can find plenty of niches that make a lot of money.

With so many niches, it’s now more important than ever for new startups to identify an Evergreen Ecommerce niche from which to launch their new startup.

How to Identify an Evergreen Ecommerce Niche

Most online businesses today have dozens of products that they sell over the Internet. These products range from fashion to exotic cars to coffee. If you want to successfully sell products online, you need to understand how to analyze your competitors and select a particular evergreen niche.

When people enter into the Internet business world, they should begin with a single niche. This is a smart move since a single niche allows you to focus on, and advertise to, a specific demographic, which will usually offer a good margin of return. Many websites that follow this model are generating hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, while others are making millions.

A profitable ecommerce niche that is right for your business is one where there is consistent demand for the product. Sure, you could opt for the latest fashion or fad, but with this approach comes significantly more risk – for example you could end up with a warehouse full of fidget spinners that no one wants to buy.

You would be much wiser to select an evergreen niche with strong and consistent demand – like home pest control – a niche that is growing year on year and will continue to do so as the global population continues to expand.

Sourcing Inventory

Sourcing your inventory at the best possible price directly from the manufacturer is the next step. The savviest of new ecommerce businesses usual source their inventory from overseas, with many companies going directly to factories in China. A fantastic example is X-Pest, who provide wholesale and bulk pest control products for you to sell to your customers through an ecommerce storefront, or directly to consumers via Amazon FBA.

Pay Per Click

To increase the profitability of your business, you should use a pay per click campaign. You can use Google AdWords to generate traffic and then pay for the advertisement to appear.

The more potential customers that click the advertisement, the more likely they are to buy your product. You need to have something that your customers can trust. A high quality, relevant ad can go a long way in increasing your profits.

Also consider that, alongside advertising your products, you can choose a niche that has high traffic. You can have free traffic for free if you choose a niche that will be popular for a long time or is starting to become a more profitable niche.


If you think about the success of major businesses, the reason for their success is people trusting them. Customers will do business with a well-known brand name or company over a new one. If you want to find an evergreen niche, look for a niche that will be in demand for the long-haul. Once you have found a profitable niche for your startup, then you can begin making a trustworthy name for yourself.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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