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Conference Room Design: 5 Tips for Impressing Your Clients

Conference Room Design: 5 Tips for Impressing Your Clients

Handshakes might be the main way of making first impressions, but certainly aren’t the only proof of the fact that first impressions matter. For the very same reason, people advise new business owners that they need to dress the part if they want to instill trust into their investors, customers, as well as employees. To put it simply, aesthetics matter, but form and function merged into a single look matter even more, and that is especially true when it comes to designing the look and feel of your offices.

The conference room, for example, serves not just a functional purpose. It’s so much more than just a secluded space where you meet and greet your clients, but it’s also an opportunity to dazzle them with your eye for detail, appreciation of Mother Nature, and your sustainability efforts. Let’s go over a few key design features you should include when you’re envisioning your conference room, so that you can truly impress your clients, and anyone who steps foot into your offices.

Brand Your Conference Room

Although your conference room serves a unique purpose, your clients, potential business partners, and any other visitors should remember that they are visiting your office space. To do just that, you need to use your brand visuals, color palette, and other striking features of your business to elevate the look of your conference room.

For example, you can imbue your furniture with the color of your brand to accentuate the features of your conference room. You can print out your logo and your slogan on the wall, and give out notebooks and printable materials with the key information about your business. Keep it readily available on the conference table to add another branded vibe to your office.

Bring Some Nature Indoors

In addition to natural light, there are other ways to bring your space to life with the help of nature: plants! Greenery is a brilliant addition to any conference room, not just because it gives character and vibrancy to your space, but it also purifies the air in the room, and it completely changes the mood.

Plants are known to boost productivity, focus, and they help keep people calm. No matter what your brand colors are, plants come in numerous hues, allowing you to pick and choose the right accent for your office with the help of intriguing pots, and the plants themselves, as well.

Mind the Lighting Scheme

No design feature in the conference room will be able to steal the spotlight unless you have optimal lighting. Let’s not even get into how lack of light will impact your focus and your mood in the room. During the day, windows are your best allies in delivering natural light to your space, but you need a support system for your evening and afternoon meetings. Instead of traditional, short-lived bulbs, you can install high quality LED lighting products that will not only be perfect for preventing eye-strain, but it will give your room a natural look and feel during evening meetings.

Plus, LED lights are made to last longer, and they conserve energy, making them a perfect choice for any eco-conscious business. This single decision will help not just with the design of your conference room, but it will instantly let you leave the right impression and exemplify your own business values through the look and feel of your conference room.

Use Tech to Imbue with Function

Do you want to leave the impression of being a business with a bright future? Then you need to brace yourself for potential presentations, pitches, and video conferences, all empowered by technology. That simply means that having access to a high-resolution screen, a projector, a solid internet connection, and speakers so that everyone in the room can hear the people on the call and have an overall successful video call.

In addition to that, you should consider other amenities that can be tech-based and can serve to make your clients feel more comfortable. For example, a refrigerator with refreshments can be a great addition to your conference room, while a cutting-edge coffee maker is a simple way to start a morning off right and infuse the entire room with the invigorating fragrance of fresh coffee.

Comfort Should Come First

All the fancy curves in the world won’t replace the comfort of a simple, ergonomic chair. It might not be anything spectacular from a visual standpoint, but when you tell your guests “make yourselves comfortable”, you want to truly mean the words. With that in mind, every piece of furniture in your conference room should accommodate your guests sitting for lengthy meetings and negotiations, sans the tingling sensation when your legs go numb from a terribly uncomfortable chair.

With that in mind, select the right kind of back-supporting chairs, desks of the right height, and other supporting furniture that might be necessary. Keep things simple and sleek, but make sure that comfort does indeed come first.

Although your clients, investors, and potential employees will always appreciate your business for what it holds under the surface of your aesthetics, using the design process to show your values is one of the simplest ways to establish a strong presence. Your brand is expressed through your office space, so use these tips to make the right design choices and send the right message whenever someone comes in to learn more about your business.

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by Lilly Miller // Lilly Miller is a freelance writer, who focuses on the latest business trends, commercial design, and environmental issues. Settled in Sydney for the time being, Lilly shares home with two loving dogs and a gecko named Rodney. You can find her hanging out on Twitter.

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