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8 Tech Essentials Every New Small Business Needs

8 Tech Essentials Every New Small Business Needs

The modern startup and small business industry is heavily influenced and dependent upon technology, so it’s only fair to set your small business up for success with a strong arsenal of technology. However, with so many options readily available to you, figuring out which tech is necessary is an important element to consider.

With your budget and efficiency goals in mind, it pays to choose technology wisely when you’re working with limited means. We’re here to give you some insight into the tech essentials every small business needs.

A Reliable Internet Connection

A reliable Wi-Fi connection is the key to keeping productivity levels high. Without any interruptions, you and your employees can soldier on through your busy workdays without any frustrating internet cut-outs. Investing in high-end Wi-Fi appliances that are designed to accommodate multiple connected devices is well worth the investment.

Every modern business needs technology to function—whether it’s keeping up with your workload or connecting with your clientele—so your internet connection should be top-tier. If you work in a medium-sized office space, a download speed of 10-12 Mbps will suffice while smaller workspaces can be best served by a 3 Mbps download speed servicer.


Regardless of whether or not your company works within the tech industry, having a capable fleet of computers is of the utmost importance. Equipping your office with business computers is an excellent first step, but the second step is deciding between desktop or laptop computers. Depending on your field of work and mobility expectations, one form factor may be more suitable than the other.

Weigh your options carefully before making up your mind. Computers are expensive investments and you won’t want to end up with buyer’s remorse after outfitting all of your employees with devices that simply don’t do the job month’s down the road.

An Office-Ready Printer

When it comes to essential office equipment, printers are easily among the most important parts of the long-running list. Even in today’s hyper-digital world, the value of the printed page still stands. Having an office-ready printer that allows you to print professional-grade pages within moments without any jams, crashes, or wait time is a key part of keeping productivity high. You may even consider opting for a wireless Wi-Fi printer that allows you to print documents without any cables or hands-on configuration.

Online Meeting Platform‎

Online meeting platforms are essential for businesses who work with third-party clients and partners. Rather than depending on a cell phone or landline to keep you connected with the right people, invest in top-rated conference call platforms that provide the technology you need to streamline all of your communication needs.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Is your workspace an open office co-working space? These types of office settings are great for encouraging collaboration, but they can quickly become overrun by loud noises, distractions, and unhappy workers. Rather than subjecting your employees to the frustration of noisiness, gear them up with a pair of noise-canceling headphones that are specifically engineered to block out outside noise. These must-have headphones are bound to reduce sound-related complaints and boost productivity, even on the busiest days in the office.

Climate Controllers

Everyone likes to work in different climates— some people like it cold, and some like it hot. By outfitting each cubicle with an individual climate controller, you give the gift of climate preference to your hard workers.

Cloud-Based Platforms

Every 21st-century office should use some form of a cloud-based platform to protect their data and limit accessibility to only those granted authorized entry. Not only does this set your business’ cybersecurity up for success, but it also gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

Check out these popular cloud-based platforms if you need a place to get started.

·         Amazon Web Services

·         Microsoft Azure

·         Google Cloud

·         Oracle Cloud

Electric Adjustable Desks‎

The latest trend within the workplace interior design scene is outfitting office spaces with non-traditional standing desks. For smaller companies, investing in electric adjustable desks is a great way to encourage your employees to think about their health and energy while on the job.

There are several reasons why making the switch from regular sitting desks to standing desks improves employee happiness and engagement. Benefits include:

·         Lowered risk of weight gain and obesity

·         Lowered risk of heart disease

·         Lowered blood sugar levels

·         Reduced back pain

·         Improved mood and energy levels

·         Boosted productivity levels

Make the most of your office space with these eight tech essentials. Which devices are you going to add to your workplace?

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