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5 Tips to Get Your Business Ready for the Hot Summer Months

5 Tips to Get Your Business Ready for the Hot Summer Months

Most businesses see a spike in shoppers, customers, and clients when summertime arrived because people are eager to be active. However, increased flow brings more expectations and higher demands for seamless customer service businesses must stay on top of.

Plan Summer Before Spring

By the time customers start to increase orders and service in hot months, it’s too late to start preparing your business. The first of every year should be the start of your projections and plans for summertime.

A priority task timeline should look like this:

  • Six Months: Streamline or increase inventory, estimate volumes, finish taxes, address supply shortages, and begin new staff searches.
  • Three Months: Clean lobbies and offices professionally, repair winter damage, schedule redecoration and aesthetic improvements, devise summer sales and customer incentives, and increase social media and newsletter marketing.
  • 30 days: Complete new staff hires, budget overtime for stocking and peak times, upgrade company computers and servers, and start campaigns for upcoming summer sales.

Ignite Customer and Client Retention

Similar businesses are your competition and you cannot afford to lose customers and clients to them. Your fiercest brand loyalists may also have summer adventures planned, so you need to stand out among your competition, be prepared for you regular customers to be travelling, and adjust your marketing or services accordingly.

Turn up your marketing efforts to grab your core patronage’s attention.

  • Implement a mobile app system to offer constant contact and savings.
  • Increase blog and social media posting for higher feed visibility and search rankings.
  • Send coupons, discounts or free services to repeat customers to encourage new orders.
  • Offer VIP clients free consultations and appointments.

Create a Cool Climate

Your most faithful customers and clients might stick with you when your business is so hot it’s uncomfortable; however, they deserve better. You owe it to your staff and visitors to provide safe, climate-controlled spaces in sweltering heat and humidity.

This is why you should consider commercial chiller maintenance businesses near you when it comes to servicing your HVAC. According to Dual Temp, a provider of commercial chiller maintenance in Lehigh Valley, PA, The benefits of comprehensive chiller repair services include extending cooling system equipment life, refrigerant oil checks, eliminating emergency repairs, and comforting staff, customers, and clients.

Do not wait until your staff and visitors complain, or customers stop showing up! Be proactive and schedule an HVAC service today in order to save your business money in the future.

Spruce Things Up

Summer brings fresh vibes that your business must reflect. Small, affordable efforts make noticeably pleasing differences in waiting areas and break rooms. Help staff and patrons feel inspired (and stay energized) by having cleaned carpets and area rugs, fresh plants or flowers, air fresheners, or a water cooler.

Schedule a Personal Reset

Top businesses need their leaders to be rested and present. If you’ve worked yourself into a stressed frenzy all year, summertime needs to be your reset.

You have no reason to feel guilty about taking off for a dream getaway or spa retreat. 65% of polled business owners revealed they book summer trips and cruises or just time off to spend with their families. By taking time to recharge, you will be able to return to your team with the vibrancy and clarity to direct what is, hopefully, a profitable quarter.

Plan ahead to beat competitors who blow summers off as the slow season. These five steps can transform those hot summer months into your peak performance time for sales, new business, and personal rejuvenation.

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