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Design Considerations for a High-Converting SaaS Website

Design Considerations for a High-Converting SaaS Website

The greatest benefit of software as a service (SaaS) is its simplicity and usability. Instead of downloading and installing software tools, SaaS companies enable their clients to use them online. These solutions work on a no-strings-attached basis, and you can use them only once or pay a subscription. This flexibility makes them popular with businesses of all kinds, but what does it take to build a visually appealing SaaS website that really converts? Let’s find out.

Informative User Interface

When a potential client comes to your SaaS home page, they will search for the information they can benefit from. Therefore, you should put the information related to subscription plans and trial periods right in front of them. If your visitors have to scroll for too long, they’ll soon lose interest in your website, which can affect conversions.

Some users might not be able to grasp at once how your software solution works, which is why it would be wise to place a video explaining the basics or a tutorial link somewhere on the home page. When your visitors have all these elements within arm’s reach, they won’t roam around your website. Such informative simplicity should convert them to your regular clients, boosting your website’s conversion rate.
Branding Images

Business users often don’t have much time to shop around for the best SaaS service, and as this current bachelor of arts degree in visual design will teach you, the ability to look genuine and creative can be the selling point for your software service. That’s why you need some special ingredients to draw people’s attention. Choosing the right images for your home page, for instance, will help you leave a stronger first impression on your visitors, so it’s crucial to choose them very wisely to increase conversions.

These images should send a clear branding message to your visitors. They should represent the service you’re selling, either in a direct or metaphorical way. Still, be careful with metaphors because you don’t want your home page pictures to be misleading or confusing.

Smooth Website Navigation

It’s important to place the most important information on the home page. Still, make sure that you don’t overdo it with buttons, links, and explanations there. Packing your main page with too many details will turn it into a messy page and visitors won’t be able to see anything, which is why every SaaS website needs to be divided into additional segments. Adding a visually clear navigation bar or a resourceful info footer will set your visitors up for smooth SaaS website navigation.

Also, when it seems that you might overpack the home page with too many details, include drop-down menus. This will make the vital information on the home page noticeable to visitors and make your page appear more organized. Make sure to add a search bar to all the pages on your website, as well.

Memorable Taglines

While showcasing the functionality and visual features is important, creating a memorable tagline also adds to conversions. Keep your tagline short to make it impactful, but make sure to include keywords that relate to your business. For instance, one of the mottos of Slack is “Where work happens”. This short phrase captivates the purpose of this company’s project management tools and communicates the message quickly to customers.

To create your own tagline, sit down at your computer or take a pencil and start writing down the features of your SaaS products. Also, put the benefits on the paper and then start the brainstorming session. That’s the most efficient way to come up with a catchy motto.

As SaaS websites are becoming more popular, business owners need to use this demand to increase their conversions by improving their site because no matter how good their products are, they won’t get more users if they don’t build a functional website. From informative user interfaces and well branded images to smooth website navigation and memorable taglines, business owners are presented with opportunities to showcase creativity all over the place. Visual consistency that brings benefits to visitors will lead to higher conversions and revenues for your SaaS business.

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