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Online and Offline Strategies for Placing Your Logo in 2020

Online and Offline Strategies for Placing Your Logo in 2020

Have you been trying to think of the most profound places to strategically place your merchandise logo to influence potential customers? If yes, then you are on the right track to a better understanding of branding, considering this is a problem people face day in and day out in the business sector.

Successfully building a dominant brand in your industry is a dream come true. However, according to research, most businesses, both small and large, don’t consider and make use of their logo as a part of massive online and offline advertisements. According to psychology studies, a logo acts as an essential detail that distinguishes a product from its competitors by influencing the customers positively. With that in mind, your company should not be neglecting the use of your logo on advertisements so that you can stand out among your competitors.

The first place you want to place your product logo is on your website, but there are many more strategic places you can place your logo to increase clients’ exposure to your brand, both offline and online. So, let’s first look at ideal places to put your logo in 2020 for optimal sales increase and customer conversion.

Product Packaging Materials

If you want your product to catch the attention of potential customers, then pay attention to logo placement on your product packaging materials, such as custom boxes. Research argues that how a logo is placed on packaging materials significantly affects product recognition and customer perception of brand superiority. Therefore, for the logo to evoke a positive feeling of customers, branding managers should ensure logo shape and placement is done carefully. Placing your logo strategically on packaging materials showcases the product and makes impressions on potential customers.

Email Newsletters

If you have adopted an email marketing strategy for your product, then having a logo on your newsletters is mandatory. While designing your email newsletters, they ought to look similar to real-world posters or invitational cards for your business by having consistent fonts, logos, graphics, and images. Logo appearance in an email newsletter is crucial as your client will be motivated to interact with a brand they recognize. This will enhance the customer’s memory of the product message you are sending because you have gained trust.


It doesn’t matter how small your business is– your branding should be apparent on YouTube as it is a huge part of digital marketing trends and tools in 2020. Today, YouTube is the place where your product can appeal to potential clients both locally and internationally, which results in extensive lead generation. On this platform you need well-built YouTube ads that are professional and contain your product logo. With almost two billion monthly active YouTube users, having your product logo trending provides you with a valuable opportunity to reach millions of viewers, thus converting potential clients into customers.

Business Cards

A strategic place where your business logo should be placed is on your business cards. The logo should be professionally placed and easily noticeable. Putting an appealing logo on your business card speaks about what you are doing more than words can. The logo also gives your company identity and creates the notion that the products you are selling to your customers are legit.

Your Business Website and Blogs

Having your business logo on your blog or website is the most important place you can put your logo; however, surveys show that a business logo placed on the upper left hand of the website generates more leads than any other position. It grabs the site visitor’s attention by communicating your business core values, and also determines how your consumers judge the superiority of your brand. Having a solid logo placed in a productive spot on your website can be an advantage to your company because it speaks about your business to your customers.

By placing your product logo in strategic places, you can reinforce the value of your brand to potential customers and make more sales. So, share your logo wherever you think it is necessary and complement your brand today!

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by Lottie Pritchard // Lottie Pritchard is a contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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