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Preparing to Host A Corporate Networking Event: Our Top Tips

Preparing to Host A Corporate Networking Event: Our Top Tips

Networking events are the perfect opportunity for you to create more contacts within your industry and really put yourself out there. As an event host, you will have a lot on your plate as you will need to organize the guests, set out the structure for the day, and make sure that the venue is suitable for the event.

The good news is that we have put together some top tips to help you prepare to host your corporate networking event.

Setting the Budget

The first tip that we have for those who want to host a corporate networking event is to set the budget. This kind of event can run up a large bill if you are not careful, so you want to do all you can to keep expenses low. If you don’t already have a budget set out by the corporate company, try to set one yourself. Look a little closer at things like the venue and entertainment and allocate some funds for these aspects.

Inviting the Guests

Your corporate networking event is not going to be a success without the right people there. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are inviting your guests far enough in advance that they can plan ahead, but not so far that you don’t have final details to give them. You can invite your guests in a number of ways but the most common method in 2020 is email.

Setting Up the Space

Our next tip for those hosting a corporate networking event is to choose the space wisely and set it up properly. You will need a large open space that allows people to mingle and chat with each other. If you are planning on hosting the event on your business premises, then you might need to rearrange some items in order to achieve that extra space. Business storage options might be something to look into here if you want to clear out your space temporarily to set up the room for the event.

Structuring the Event

Many networking events don’t have much structure, which is a common mistake. You don’t just want this to be a day for people to come together and have a chat, there needs to be some level of organization if you want some real results. Spend some time figuring out the structure of your event but allow for some free time.

Food and Beverages

Our final tip for those who want to plan a corporate networking event is to consider the food and beverages that you are going to offer. You will want people to stay as long as possible to get the most from the event. This means you will need to cater to them. Take a look at some local catering options and find the right service for your event. This is a corporate event so consider the amount of people you will need to cater to.

Get Started

Corporate networking events can have a positive impact on the people who attend them, and the companies involved. If you are planning on hosting one of these events in the future, you should consider these tips to help you plan the best and most successful networking event that you can. Think about everything from the budget that you have for the event to the space that you are going to hold it in. Hopefully, you’ll be able to organize the perfect event for your corporate contacts in 2020.

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