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Will a University Degree Benefit You in the Business World?

Will a University Degree Benefit You in the Business World?

Going to university to study within the field that you’ve always wanted to work can be a dream come true, but before spending tens of thousands of dollars for your education, maybe it’s better to sit down and do some research. You should always thoroughly consider whether that particular university major is what you should really spend your time. So, let’s go over a few things that you can do to determine whether a university degree is a good option for you.

Look at the Unemployment Rate of the Major

Looking at the unemployment rate of a major will show you if people who have already graduated in that major really do work in those fields, or if they had to pursue a career outside their degree. For example, pharmacology has an unemployment rate of 0%, and that’s pretty normal considering the skills learned with that degree are directly applicable in business. More than 99% of people who study medicine find a career in the field of medicine. Majors that come with low unemployment rates are the most likely to land you a job in the field of your dreams. This should make you consider whether or not a university degree will assist your career ambitions.

Does the Job You Want Require You to Have a Degree?

Not all jobs require you to have a degree, and this is particularly true for people who study things like business management. While you’ll learn a lot in college, the only thing that will really, truly teach you about managing a business, is well, managing a real business.

A successful marketing career also depends heavily on experience rather than a degree. Most good marketers have taught themselves with the tricks of the trade over time and through trial and error. All good marketers are masters of writing copy, so you’re better off learning a skill like writing in college, rather than studying marketing techniques that may or may not be applicable by the time of your graduation. Most marketing positions require you to have a degree, but not necessarily in the marketing field, so why not widen your horizon and have a degree in something that will be valuable to you?

The University of South Wales, ranking in the top 15% of universities in the UK, can offer you a great degree, but it does not have to be in the same as your career field in order for you to be successful.

Is Experience More Important than University?

In some cases, experience is more important than a degree. Just like we mentioned above, you’ll learn more about managing a business in real life, than studying about it in a classroom. If possible, get experience in the job you want before you start a degree. You may fail when you first start out in the field, but each failure will teach you far more than any class would.

Does This Job Require Soft Skills?

Does your dream job require you to be creative, organized, or a fast thinker? Well, those are soft skills that you have to learn through trial and error. Truth is, you won’t learn soft skills in university, because every university is based on a system. If you are successful at following the school system, then you will graduate with a degree, but in the real world you will meet struggles because you do not have soft skills developed from hands on experiences.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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