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5 College Business Ideas You Can Start from Your College Dorm

5 College Business Ideas You Can Start from Your College Dorm

Facebook and Microsoft rank as the leading corporations in the world. And while they are now leading in market shares across the globe, they were started from college dorms. The minds behind these corporations were ingenious college students looking to express their entrepreneurial skills. So how could you implement the experience of previous generations in your business plan? Keep reading to find valuable suggestions for a student interested in business.

Why Should You Start a Business in College?

Not everyone can be the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg; however, you can have a successful business while still attending classes. There are various startup options that do not require a lot of capital. Furthermore, you can perform all your roles without searching for an office space.

Pursuing your entrepreneurship skills while in college will help supplement your income. So, you get that financial freedom that most college students crave for. The best part about starting your business, though, is you learn how to operate a real business. You build your entrepreneurial skills that make up for a good resume when job hunting. Furthermore, it makes you a well rounded student.

Recent studies show that over 70% of students are engaged in business while still in school, which is a high percentage that reflects the realities of the current economy. Therefore, you should learn to fend for yourself while in college.

You can divide your daily schedule to ensure your startup gets the needed attention– this is where subscribing to an essay writing essay comes in handy with your classwork schedule. Try one today to get some free time to focus on your business.

Innovative Business Ideas to Try

Below is a breakdown of some innovative business ideas you can try while chilling in your dorm. Keep in mind that some of these business ideas are currently making headway in most economies. You can try each idea depending on the structure of your college.

Child Care Services

How many times do parents with full-time jobs search for nannies? A nanny does not simply mean looking after a three-year-old child or changing diapers. During your free time in college, you can step in to offer your child care services. A little bit of babysitting background goes a long way in creating trust with the parents.

Dog Walking

If watching kids is not your cup of tea, you can choose to walk dogs. Most dog owners lack time to take their dogs for a walk, so you can step in to offer your dog walking services to pet owners. It becomes an added advantage when you can groom the dog as well.

Running Errands

One job that fits your lifestyle in the dorm room is running errands. A lot of college students stay cooped up in their dorms. This inactivity is the perfect time to provide your errand services. You can run errands for your comrades at fair prices and it becomes a real-life hustle when you spread the word around about your business idea. Most students like supporting their friends hence provide a target market.

Snack Time

Running a business in the college dorms needs proper permission from the college. Therefore, you can write a business plan on how you want to start a small scale snack business in the college dorms. After obtaining your business permission, you can begin your snack empire in your college dorm. You can stock on different snacks, depending on your market. It is a small enterprise, but some proper marketing can earn you some coins.


You can set up a freelancing website in college that handles article writing for firms. You can advance your service to a firm that needs to create awareness for their business and you can hire your fellow students in your freelancing business to earn more revenue. Most established firms depend on such businesses for content for their websites.

College provides a free space to try out your ideas. Do not be afraid to run into failures while in college. Most of the established business moguls started their careers in college dorms, so next time you feel bored in your college dorm, go through our list of ideas to get some inspiration. Your luck might be in one of these ideas.

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