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Some of The Great Ways Solopreneurs Can Unwind

Some of The Great Ways Solopreneurs Can Unwind

Everyone needs to unwind sometimes, especially solopreneurs, because the pressures and trials of running your own business, big or small, can have a huge effect on not just your physical, but your mental wellbeing. People who try to do it all themselves often don’t know when to stop, and while a healthy version of this is an essential drive that pushes them to find more and more success, some business owners have set themselves up for more work than they can handle.

Whatever it is, committing yourself to your business 100% is unhealthy. Sometimes you need to unwind and reflect on life. It can improve your decision making and offer the well-needed break that gets you back out there and firing. Here are a few great ways that you can help yourself relax and unwind from the stress of running a business.

Casino Games

There’s something very sophisticated about relaxing through a couple of classic casino games, and, due to the advent of the internet, we no longer need to head to real casinos to enjoy an evening of healthy gambling. Online casinos have developed into great stops to enjoy everything from a round of poker to more adventurous, flashy games.

Not only will the thrills of a couple of rounds of blackjack help you to forget all about work, but these games will help improve your problem solving and odds calculations abilities– two skills that can be applied in the workplace to grow your business.

There are lots of great casinos out there, but always remember to do your research. Online Casinos will regularly publish an honest review of the top casinos in the market. A truly relaxing evening isn’t just about scotch and cards, but getting your money’s worth as well.

Audiobooks and Podcasts

An unfortunate reality of solopreneur life is that you will not be able to sit down with a good book like you used to. Entertainment must fall by the wayside as you have to focus on preparing orders, arranging new deals, and managing your marketing.

Given your limited time for amusement, entertainment that is all in one place becomes so much more appealing. Podcasts and audiobooks are hugely popular right now, with people often opting for something more informative as they go about their working day and do household chores at night. The podcast industry, in particular, is booming. With innovative titles about business, relationships and the arts launching every day.

If you’d rather just have something to wind down and listen to while you enjoy a drink or a meal in the evening, there are a number of wonderful entertainment podcasts and books that will keep you engaged and laughing throughout the evening.


For some people, the best way to wind down is to get their body moving. More aerobic forms of exercise lower the levels of stress hormones in your body, such as adrenaline and cortisol. This can help you properly relax after a long day running between meetings and doing the jobs of ten people.

Go Off the Grid

To escape the demands and pressures of this world it’s important to spend some time off the grid.

For at least one evening a week, set down all your electronic devices, take the headphones out and disconnect yourself from the internet. Constant static in your head all day isn’t good for you and dealing with social media notifications and the blue light of screens can make it difficult for you to really switch off and unwind in the evening, especially if you’re aiming to get a good night’s sleep.

We all know we need to spend less time plugged into the internet, but the key to getting off the grid isn’t so much about what you do when you’re unplugged, but that you give it a try.

Cook a Nice Meal

We all know a solopreneur loves a challenge, otherwise, they’d be in another line of work. One way to wind down but add a little bit of a challenge to things is to test yourself through cooking.

There’s something very therapeutic about the process of making a lovely homecooked meal. Finding the right ingredients, preparing them properly, and seeing the finished result will give you the same kind of rush as finalizing an important deal or seeing a project go out the door. The only difference is that you get a tasty reward at the end.

When you have the responsibility and drive of a solopreneur it can be hard to switch off “work mode” and relax, but life is about making the most of your time, not just taking your company to new heights. You can’t be on all the time, so use these methods of unwinding to help you escape the pressured solopreneur mindset.

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