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How to Add Value to a House

How to Add Value to a House

If you are in the business of buying and doing up houses– or you are thinking of getting into it– you will want to be aware of the best ways that you can add value to a property. Thankfully, there are a number of improvements that you can make which do not have to cost a fortune and can add a significant amount of value to any home– read on to find out what these are.

Curb Appeal

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to add value to a property and to make it more appealing to buyers is to improve the curb appeal. This is because first impressions count for a huge amount when it comes to real estate, so an attractive and welcoming front of the home can add a lot of value. There are many simple ways to improve curb appeal, such as:

·        Painting the front door

·        New door furniture

·        Exterior lighting

·        Landscaping the front garden

·        Flowers

·        Power washing the exterior

Bathroom Remodelling

The bathroom is always a space that needs attention when trying to sell a home. Nobody wants to buy a home which has a bathroom which is dingy, so it is worth remodelling this area to make it a welcoming, stylish, and practical space which feels new. Remodelling bathroom tile is one of the best ways to do this with places like The Bathroom Showroom carrying a wide range of attractive tiles worth considering. Having a nice bathroom, that is to everyone’s tastes can be a big sway factor, and it can influence people to purchase a property since they wouldn’t have to do any work in that room. Making small but impactful changes can also change the overall look of the room and can make it feel much more “spa-like” and therefore luxurious.

Basement/Loft Conversion

Another great way to add a significant amount of value to the home is by adding another practical room, but an extension can be expensive and complex. This is why you should focus on a loft/basement conversion which is much easier and more affordable. Changing a property from a two to a three-bedroom space can really affect the price you can sell it on for, especially if it’s in an area where three-bedroom properties are sought after. You can also try changing certain rooms into an office. With more people working from home, this is something which is newly sought after.

Kitchen Upgrades

Similar to the bathroom, the kitchen can be a space which puts off buyers if it feels lived in. Remodelling the kitchen can breathe new life into the space and there are lots of easy upgrades that you can make to make the kitchen seem brand new, such as adding new countertops, painting the cupboard doors, installing new lights, and adding a kitchen island. Having enough space to live in as well as cook can make the property a lot more attractive to potential buyers.

Storage space in the kitchen is also key as a tidy and well organized kitchen can make potential buyers feel like they could see themselves living there and filling it with their on things, rather than just seeing a cramped and messy kitchen which looks hard to clean.

If you are looking to add value to a property before selling it, then these are a few of your best options that don’t require too much money or work. Flipping a house can be a rewarding activity and a great way to earn money, but you need to know the best way to add value in order to get the most out of your investment.

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by Lottie Pritchard // Lottie Pritchard is a contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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