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Automated Services That Are Great for Your Business

Automated Services That Are Great for Your Business

Being an entrepreneur is one of the most difficult things you can do, which is why so many new businesses fail shortly after launch. One of the reasons why new business owners fail is because they become overwhelmed and quickly burn out. Directly managing every single business process yourself is a herculean task that pretty much no one can handle. Instead, you need to make the workload more manageable by integrating automation where appropriate. Below are a few automated services that could be great for your business.

Cloud Backup

These days, a lot of the strategic edge that companies have is tied up in their data. This includes data on customers, products, marketing, business processes, equipment and much more. If all this data is stored locally, it is at risk of being wiped out in an instant. Lightning has even destroyed data stored by tech giants like Google. To protect against this threat, you need to continually backup your data at a remote location. Thankfully, this process can be easily automated by contracting with a cloud hosting company. Every bit of data on your company network will be preserved via cloud storage.


Scheduling employees is a task that can end up eating up a lot of your time as a business owner. Thankfully, this task can be made far easier and more efficient with the assistance of software that automates most of the process. The software will be able to see which employees are available when, how many hours they need to work in a week and other relevant information. It can then use this data to automate the creation of work schedules. If you need to make adjustments, you simply alter what you need to make the schedule work for you. However, most of the math and grunt work will already be done.

Digital Marketing

One big component of your marketing campaigns that can be automated is digital marketing. Unlike with traditional advertisements, digital ads can, for the most part, be sent to where they are needed automatically. Services like Google AdSense can automatically populate websites and search results relevant to your company with advertisements for your products.

For example, if you run an antique store in Boston, you won’t have to create individual relationships with antique and Boston related websites. Google will do that for you. Much of the work of finding places to carry your ads is already done for you. This same kind of advertising can also be targeted at specific consumers based on their browser cookies. This kind of direct approach is impossible with other forms of advertising.

Customer Correspondence

While certainly not all communication with customers can be successfully automated, certain forms of communication can be. For example, correspondence should be sent to alert customers to take specific actions or remind them of upcoming appointments. This mail can be automated using a digital service. In fact, removing the physical mail aspect entirely can further automate the process and slash even more overhead costs. Think, for example, of text messaging for utilities that reminds customers to pay upcoming bills. This process can be performed entirely by software and it can save you time, labor, and direct expense.

Customer Support

Providing customer support is something else that can quickly eat up your time and resources. However, you should be aware of the fact that a good portion of customer support services can be easily automated with the right tools. Doing so can help you preserve resources and streamline the entire process of providing customer support.

For example, determining which customer support representative a consumer should speak to on the phone wastes time and resources. However, if you integrate some automation into the process with the right software, a customer can be directly transferred to the right person based on what they say or dial into the phone in response to an automated message. This is the kind of automation that can greatly increase efficiency while lowering the overhead expense of different business processes simultaneously.


Being a business owner isn’t easy as you have to juggle a multitude of different responsibilities simultaneously. However, you shouldn’t have to manage every single business process on your own. Instead, you should implement automation where appropriate. Doing so can save your company time, money, and resources that can be allocated to more important endeavors.

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