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5 Marketing Apps Used by Successful Realtors

5 Marketing Apps Used by Successful Realtors

Continued digitization of the world creates an opportunity for businesses to embrace the digital market. There are billions of social networking platform users and many people spend significant time online every day. This creates an opportunity for property and home agents to promote their businesses effectively.

Apps such as Facebook help realtors to reach a broad audience at a considerably low marketing cost. Clients can also use these apps to refer their family members and their friends. This is important as it expands the visibility of the realtors and their work.



Successful realtors make use of Facebook because of its massive audience. Facebook is the most famous social media app with over 2.5 billion users. There are more than 190 million Facebook users in the United States and the app has more than 1.8 billion logins every 24 hours.

This large audience enables realtors to market their properties widely as successful realtors take advantage of Facebook’s demographic diversity. People of all races and classes are actively using Facebook. This diversity helps realtors to reach different potential clients simultaneously.

Suitable for Users

Facebook is suitable for all users as it is not complicated to use. Realtors have realized this and have embraced it as a marketing tool that they can use to reach and interact with their potential customers. The audiences, who are also the target consumers, can post their opinions and messages. Positive messages act as recommendations and sources of information to potential consumers.


Successful realtors use MailChimp for its all-in-one features. MailChimp enables realtors to market their properties and also engage their clients and customers. This app is also for email campaigns, where the interested audience may subscribe or unsubscribe to the marketing emails.

Realtors can set up their profile and customize their target audience, which makes sure only potential customers are often targeted. Reaching a customized audience increases the chances of increasing customers. Successful realtors are not afraid to pay for MailChimp campaigns because they know their marketing message will get to the right group of people. Automated responses and messaging are vital tools as they help realtors to effectively engage their customers.

Bottlenecks of Using MailChimp

This app is not widely used as compared to other apps such as Facebook and many people may not be conversant with the process of advertising via MailChimp. The targeted audience may also perceive campaign emails as spam. This may discourage them from following up on the advertised property.

The audience may also mute campaign emails. This makes it difficult for a marketing campaign to reach enough people. The use of automated email responders may even discourage potential customers as some people are not comfortable dealing with robots. MailChimp automation features may keep such clients at bay.

Zillow Premier Agent App

The Zillow Premier Agent App is suitable for real estate agents to market their properties. The app allows realtors to connect with potential buyers. Successful realtors use this app because it has customized features for people interested in real estate and it is friendly to use.

With this app, charges are made per lead. This means that realtors will not pay if the app is not connecting them to potential clients. Using the Zillow Premier Agent App improves market presence. It is also a common platform for people searching for homes, which is ideal for realtors as their marketing campaign will reach the right audience.

The Zillow Premier Agent App also connects more home buyers and homeowners. Successful realtors use this app because they can see what other agents, homeowners, and home sellers are up to. Being updated is vital to give the right pricing to your customers and it also helps realtors to retain their clients. This is beneficial to business as it hastens the process of growth and expansion.

Downsides of the Zillow Premier Agent App

Nevertheless, the Zillow Premier Agent App may have inaccurate Zestimates. This gives the wrong valuation of properties and homes. Lack of physical home walk-ins is also a disadvantage to realtors and it may lead to providing inaccurate information to potential buyers. The Zillow Premier Agent App may also list homes that are not for sale. This affects the credibility of the platform.

Wise Pelican

Wise Pelican offers direct mail services for realtors as it is structured to serve the people in the real estate field. Successful realtors rely on Wise Pelican to reach their target market using postcards. This app offers tailored postcards based on the image and brand of each realtor. Therefore, successful realtors use it as a branding tool. Tailored postcards can also enhance the visibility of marketed properties.

Wise Pelican provides realtors with hundreds of pre-built templates. This helps to hasten the process of marketing and advertising your properties and homes and the tracking system allows realtors to follow the movement of their postcards in the market.

The tracking system provides realtors with feedback concerning the type of customers reached. Some postcards have automated systems for home valuations, so homeowners can use this system to get a reliable valuation of their property.

Disadvantages of Using Wise Pelican

Many realtors may be using Wise Pelican to reach home buyers; this makes it competitive to use the app. Property and homebuyers can access different offers from different sellers and agents. This can negatively impact the visibility of all realtors utilizing the app.


Successful realtors make use of YouTube because it has a broad audience. YouTube reaches about 2 billion users currently and it has around 126 million users in the United States. YouTube is also the most popular mobile app in the United States. Its target audience is also diverse. This diversity helps the realtors to reach potential home buyers irrespective of their class, race, and age.

YouTube is a common app around the world. Many people can freely check updates on YouTube without any influence or advertisements. Consequently, realtors are assured of visibility when they use YouTube. Many people also perceive YouTube as a reliable and trustable app, since YouTube Videos have emerged as a reliable tool of information. Realtors capitalize on this goodwill from the target audience to market their properties.

Additionally, YouTube offers advertisement services. Realtors can pay for Ads to make their content more visible. The Ads’ algorithm enables customization of the target audience. Successful realtors make use of this structure to market their properties to a specific niche, which helps them improve their customer base. Using YouTube is also entertaining. Many YouTube users focus on the enjoyment aspect of YouTube videos. Successful realtors use quality videos to display the properties they are marketing. Such videos can reach random potential customers.

The Downside of Using YouTube

A YouTube channel may be expensive and tedious to manage. It is tedious to create and update new content required to retain viewers, so realtors may find it challenging to create new content for their users all the time. Using YouTube’s advertisement services may also be costly to some realtors.

Finally, each social marketing app has its target audience. It is crucial to select the best app based on the properties you are advertising. A serious realtor may also use more than one app for marketing their properties. This maximizes their chances of reaching a wider audience. In the process, more potential homebuyers will be accessed.

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