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6 Reasons to Have 1-800 Numbers for Your Business

6 Reasons to Have 1-800 Numbers for Your Business

Good customer service is a factor that makes a business gain a good reputation. But, if customers find it difficult to get a hold of an agent, chances are, feedback will go unheard of and affect the business anyway. Setting up a toll-free number for customers makes it easier to reach you. A toll-free number comes with a few benefits, namely the following.

Customer Satisfaction Improvement

A toll-free number is affordable to call on the side of customers. Your customers can also contact you at any time of the week. Having a few dedicated people to answer questions as soon as a customer can reach you can help solve issues sooner.

Effective Marketing Tool

Toll-free numbers can be set up to be vanity numbers as well. You can create a custom toll-free number such as 1-800-SHOP, 1-800-AUTO, or anything similar that’s easy to remember. Clever 1-800 numbers will help your brand become more visible as customers can link the number to your business. You can contact your local telecom carrier to inquire about vanity numbers that you can use. The cost is typically similar to that of a regular phone number.

Validation to Your Business

When you have a dedicated number for your business, your credibility registers in the mind of potential customers. It used to be that only larger businesses are known to have one. Today, toll-free numbers are so affordable that even small businesses can afford them. A number that’s solely for your business is a sign of legitimacy that customers will appreciate.

Permanence and Portability

Toll-free numbers don’t come with the typical location restrictions, unlike regular phone numbers. Customers value the support your business can give. You can enhance customer outreach by making it faster and easier for them to contact you no matter where you are. You could keep your toll-free number even if your business location changed. There’s also no need for you to change it even if you switch providers.

Offered by Online Platforms

Telecommunication companies offer toll-free numbers through online services nowadays. They specialize in this service with dedicated 24/7 support and useful features such as call analytics and history reports. Pricing is also affordable, with packages to choose from. Depending on the features you need, you can choose the best services that will benefit your enterprise.

More Leads and Better Conversion Rate

Getting a toll-free number set up helps generate B2B leads. Not only will customers reach you, but other businesses may want to collaborate or do business with you as well. That means more sales and opportunities to network with like-minded business owners. Providing an easier and faster way of communication during the pandemic says you’re serious about your business. It also means that you’re prepared to extend partnership to other businesses as a way of supporting them.

In Conclusion

Setting up a 1-800 number is much like advertising in itself. It helps with brand recognition and serves as a customized gateway without complexities. A toll-free number is definitely a tool that small businesses should have as it allows more people to reach your business no matter where the caller is from. It leads to more sales and opportunities to build relationships with customers who believe in your business.

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