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5 Great Side Hustle Businesses for 2021

5 Great Side Hustle Businesses for 2021

2021 is here, and with it is great optimism. The Biden Administration recently purchased 200 million more COVID-19 vaccine doses. By the summer, the current U.S. administration hopes most Americans will have taken the vaccine. Those who haven’t should become protected via herd immunity by late summer or early fall.

The vaccine announcement is fantastic news for those hoping to get back to work. If you’re one of those individuals, the report is perfect for you. The prospect of returning to work and ditching the Zoom calls is downright exciting.

But it’s not a foregone conclusion. More importantly, even if you expect to return to work soon or have a current full-time job, it never hurts to have a side hustle. The side hustle can protect you and your family from having to run up your credit card balances or take the second mortgage out on your home. Profitable side hustle businesses are great ways to provide financial insurance for situations like what we all witnessed in 2020 and can turn into full-time operations.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at five of the fastest-growing side hustle professions in the United States. There’s something for everyone on the list each with its own advantages and disadvantages. So before writing any of these off, make sure to read through the list and do your research.


eCommerce is a broad range word. There are various eCommerce business models, including business to consumer (B2C), business to business (B2B), consumer to consumer (C2C), and consumer to business (C2B).

Don’t think too hard about the eCommerce business models. Instead, consider the products and, or services you wish to sell. If it’s dog leashes, bowls, etc., create a website where you sell those items. Or create an eBay or Shopify store where you can sell your items.

Whole sellers are looking to partner with distribution companies. You don’t have to create your products to become a successful eCommerce entrepreneur. Instead, look for whole sellers, build your site, run it through eBay or Shopify, and become an eCommerce middle person.


Although Etsy is eCommerce, we’re making it a separate side hustle. Etsy is an excellent way for artists to sell their work. The site is more like a community than Shopify or eBay. If you’re a painter, sculptor, or any other type of artist that doesn’t involve novel writing or musicianship, Etsy could be for you.

The great thing about Etsy? Once your company grows large enough, Etsy will help you transition to your site. The company is one of the few that genuinely wants you to succeed. So if you have a passion for glass blowing, stitching, or whatever it is, starting an Etsy side hustle business could be perfect.

Personal Trainer

Most gyms remain closed due to the pandemic. Many pre-pandemic gyms won’t reopen—a sad situation, to be sure, but not the end of gym-like training.

Although many people are delighted jumping onto their Peleton or Nautilus and streaming classes, personal training remains a viable side business. Personal trainers ensure their clients exercise correctly, but they also provide calorie intake recommendations and are knowledgeable about sleeping patterns, stress reduction, and various other health things.

Also, who among us doesn’t require motivation once in a while? Some of us won’t exercise unless there’s a person there motivating us.

If you have training knowledge, personal training could become a full-time business. Again, many gyms won’t reopen. Those hoping for a personal touch during their training sessions will look towards personal trainers now that they can no longer go to their local gym.

Pay Per Head Agent

What’s a pay per head agent? A pay per head agent provides free betting software so that sports bettors can make bets online.

In 2018, the Supreme Court struck down the law that made betting on sports illegal in every state except for Nevada. States like New Jersey have opened brick and mortar sportsbooks. More than forty states are considering allowing some online gaming.

Pay per head agents use bookie software to provide betting services. A PPH sportsbook bookmaker sets up wagering accounts, then bettors head to those wagering accounts and place wagers on sports games, casino games, and horse races.

Individual bookmaking is a growing business and sports betting itself should grow at a 15% CAGR from 2021 to 2025. Per Game Analytics, players of mobile online games grew by 46%, from 1.2 billion to 1.75 billion per month, in 2020.

As more and more states allow online gambling, per head agenting could become a viable side hustle. Some pay per head agents have made bookmaking a full-time career.


Not all students are the same. Some have excelled in the stay at home and take classes through Zoom or Microsoft Teams environment. Others have fallen behind. Not only that, but many schools remain closed. Once schools open, students that have fallen behind will require tutoring to catch up.

Becoming a tutor isn’t easy, though. It’s not like becoming a pay per head agent or running an eCommerce store where you can use someone else’s software. To be a successful tutor, you must first have the required knowledge. Second, you must know how to teach. Third, you must have the patience to teach.

Tutoring can be a great side hustle. If you want to become a tutor, you must first decide what grade-level you wish to each. With that out of the way, you must decide if you want to be a tutor that specializes in a specific subject or not. If you’re going to tutor all subjects, you should consider becoming an elementary school level tutor.

The side businesses we’ve listed here aren’t your only options. Freelance writing, music and art lessons, life and relationship coaching, and running a social media marketing company are all businesses to consider.

Do your research before deciding on the side business you want to start. Then once you start it, stick with it. You never know. The company you created as a side hustle could become your career.

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by Lottie Pritchard // Lottie Pritchard is a contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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