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Audio Interview with Roger Beaudoin, The Restaurant Rock Star

Audio Interview with Roger Beaudoin, The Restaurant Rock Star

Roger Beaudoin, known as The Restaurant Rock Star, offers listeners in this interview his list of “Ten Common Habits of Ineffective Restaurant Service.” While his list was born out of his expertise is in the restaurant industry, his suggestions can be applied to almost any business looking to improve their service, and their overall business success.

One example of the ten “habits” that make a business ineffective mentioned in his interview is “Weak Product Knowledge.” Roger maintains that product knowledge is more important than charisma when it comes to making sales in the restaurant industry, and in any industry.

Roger Beaudoin is a restaurant entrepreneur and creator of Sales Stars, an online training program for restaurant staffs. He has founded and operated four restaurants, most recently, the Matterhorn SKI BAR in Maine, a restaurant and bar open for only four months out of the year, but generating $1 million in sales. He has also worked as a Marketing Director for American Skiing Company and Advertising Account Executive for American Honda Motor Company. He currently serves as a member of the Maine Restaurant Association Board of Directors.

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