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5 Things to Consider When You Need a Zoho Consultant

5 Things to Consider When You Need a Zoho Consultant

Considering a first-time Zoho CRM implementation or working out frustrations with an existing Zoho system is a time-consuming process. You realize the importance of Zoho CRM for your business, but it’s not the only thing on your plate. Hiring a Zoho Consultant is an excellent way to save you time and either move forward with a Zoho CRM implementation or solve the existing problems you’re experiencing.

Here are five things to zero in on when you need a Zoho Consultant:

What You Should Look for In A Zoho Consultant

You receive the most benefits of Zoho CRM and the smoothest implementation process when you work with a consultant from a company that is in the Zoho Partner Program. Zoho Consultant Partners have been trained by Zoho to sell, manage, and implement Zoho solutions. Premium Zoho Partners provide the best training and ongoing support available in the marketplace.

Consider a Zoho Consultant who offers a detailed blueprint of how they plan to implement your Zoho CRM system. You can also request this if you already use Zoho CRM, but are experiencing difficulties that you want to rectify. Seeing an analysis overview of how Zoho CRM integrates with your business processes can move you towards the desired results.

Ask a potential Zoho Consultant if they can provide examples of implementations or success stories of how similar businesses implemented Zoho CRM for an entire solution. Reviewing a Zoho plan that is already successful helps reveal additional ways the Zoho software can be utilized while increasing your comfort level with implementation.

Another question to ask is what the Zoho Consultant offers after the implementation and training processes are complete. A Zoho Partner company will be there for you to provide ongoing training and support if needed. You’ll save time by continuing to work with someone who knows your business well and created your customized Zoho solution.

Expect A Zoho Consultant To Learn About Your Business

Zoho solutions are highly customizable. You may be thinking of using Zoho just for CRM, but did you know Zoho has a bundle that offers a complete Human Resources platform? This is just one example of many where Zoho has developed product bundles for you to achieve your business goals and streamline processes.

Being knowledgeable about your business and the extensive solutions Zoho software offers are key criteria to seek when selecting a Zoho Consultant.

When a Zoho Partner Consultant partners with you, they take the time to learn your business and know your pain points. By developing this understanding, they can recommend a customized solution that ensures you receive the best return on your investment.

Your Zoho consultant is the expert to rely on for knowing all the layers of Zoho CRM customization available for your business. A Zoho Partner consultant has an entire team of expert developers and industry leaders to help create a cost-effective and successful Zoho CRM strategy.

Any software implementation is an investment of time and money. When considering a Zoho Consultant, choose one from a company that has the experience to ensure your Zoho CRM project will accomplish your goals and be worth the money.

If You Currently Have Zoho CRM: What Isn’t Working Well And What Do You Wish It Could Do?

Experiencing difficulties with Zoho CRM is frustrating for your staff and consumes their time. It’s worth it to learn about the problems your business is experiencing through their eyes. Passing on this information to a Zoho Consultant will save time and help drill down to the core solutions needed.

But take it a step further. Discuss general areas of your business that could be improved with a Zoho Consultant. For example, if you have silos of departments in your organization that aren’t communicating well, Zoho has solutions that help streamline communications and break down silos. This is just one example of solutions your Zoho Consultant provides that you may not initially expect.

A knowledgeable Zoho Consultant shows ways you can scale up to Zoho solutions that improve your overall business operations for optimal performance.

If You Are Implementing ZOHO CRM for the First Time: What Obstacles Do You Face?

No one knows your business or staff better than you do. You may suspect your sales force will be reluctant at first to embrace the Zoho CRM software. Maybe you worry that your technical team doesn’t have the skills to support Zoho CRM.

You can discuss all of this with your Zoho Consultant. Look to your Zoho Consultant to provide a training plan that addresses potential obstacles. In addition to providing the best training for all departments, a Zoho partner provides ongoing technical support. You can use this as a backup for your existing technical team as they grow their Zoho CRM knowledge base.

Can the Zoho Consultant Offer a Customer Web Interface for Zoho CRM?

Ask your Zoho Consultant candidates if they can create a private customer web portal. This is a possible design specifically for your business to interact with Zoho CRM. A customer web portal is an invaluable tool for both you and your users. It is a secure website that provides your customers access to account-specific information 24/7.

Consider customer information you want to add to a secure web portal or what additional user information is beneficial to collect. That is just a start, though. There are numerous ways a web portal can work with a Zoho CRM solution – solutions that help improve communications with your customers and grow revenue potential.

In summary, doing a bit of research and information gathering upfront helps in the process of choosing a Zoho Consultant. Being open to the full potential of Zoho CRM allows for the most return on your investment on both the software and consulting services.


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