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Fraudulent Injury Claims: Spotting the Signs

Fraudulent Injury Claims: Spotting the Signs

An injury claim can help a person get some compensation in case they were injured because of someone else. It’s exactly why some people are so eager to use them. Sadly, others take advantage of the money they might get by making fake injury claims. There’s a lot of money spent on investigating the fake injury claims and prosecuting them.

If you work as a personal injury lawyer, you may be worried that you might end up giving compensation to someone who made a fake claim. So, how do you spot fraudulent injury claims?

The Evidence Is Vague and Constantly Changing

When someone is being dishonest, they will usually change their story a lot. So, if you ask them about some details at different points in time, they might change the story or add things to it that were not there before. This is a big red flag that the person making the claim might be trying to get a fraudulent insurance claim.

The same goes if someone brings very vague evidence to the table, or if there is always new evidence brought to fit the circumstances. The chances are that the person is trying to bring evidence to counter some actual evidence that might come out as time progresses.

Accepting Early Settlements

Accepting an early settlement might also be a red flag. Of course, just because someone accepts a settlement early on doesn’t mean they are trying to commit any fraud. Maybe they simply don’t have the money to keep going with a longer process.

In other cases, though, someone will try to close the case as quickly as they can so there isn’t more evidence coming out and bringing the fraud to light. Keep an eye out for this.

Flattery or Aggression

Some claimants will be very aggressive to those who are taking the claim details. In their mind, this will help them get fewer questions and thus speed up the process. Others will flatter the official so they get a good treatment while the process unfolds. If this individual is being too aggressive or overly flattering, you should look more into the case and see if there is any sign of a fraudulent claim.

They Have Money Issues

People with money problems are sometimes likely to fake an injury to be able to receive compensation. This doesn’t indicate that someone having money issues is definitely committing fraud, but you should consider it as well.

They Made Personal Injury Claims Before

Some people will try to make several claims during their life, especially if they were successful in the past. If you discover that someone filed another personal injury claim before, then definitely look further into the situation. A long history of personal injury claims is definitely a huge red flag.

Final Thoughts

Detecting fraudulent injury claims is important for a Eugene personal injury lawyer. It can help prevent innocent people from having to pay huge sums to a fraudulent person. At the same time, it stops dishonest people from committing fraud. So, make sure to look out for all these red flags to spot these fraudulent claims.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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