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Launching Your New Retail Store? You’ll Need These Essential Items for Your Grand Opening

Launching Your New Retail Store? You’ll Need These Essential Items for Your Grand Opening

It may have taken months or even years to get to this point, but the day of your grand opening is quickly approaching and as news of your retail launch spreads, it’s never been more important to have everything you need in place for the big day.

While your store’s grand opening is considered to be an event to share with customers, friends and family, and as a celebration of all your hard work, in reality, the success of your retail launch sets the tone for the future success of your business and brand. While you might be handing out champagne and cutting red ribbons, potential customers will be perusing your products and passing judgement on whether or not they’d be prepared to part with their hard-earned cash.

Therefore, it’s never been more important that the launch of your retail store goes without a hitch. Let’s explore some of the essential items you’re going to need for your grand opening.

Reliable Payment Processing Solutions

When visitors enter your retail store for the first time, they may want to make a purchase. Therefore, you must be ready to take and process those payments in an efficient and secure way that doesn’t keep your new customers waiting. You could start with a terminal and card reader, or a POS system from reputable payment processing solutions services (see merchant account services here, for example). There’s nothing more frustrating for you and your clients than when your card or payment reader isn’t working as it should. Therefore, investing in high-quality payment solutions from the outset means protecting you, your business, and your customers. Don’t launch your store without one.

Have Enough Staff

If you’ve done a good job of documenting and marketing your business launch, then you can expect a generous amount of visitors coming through your doors within a few hours. Ensure you’ve hired a suitable amount of staff to help you run the store, take payments, assist clients and make the store look as professional as possible.

Hiring your staff in advance also gives you plenty of time to train them fully on your products and how you want them to conduct themselves within your store. While it’s tempting to run the store yourself during the launch, you’ll also be under pressure to mingle with guests, top up champagne glasses and update your social media, so the more staff you have – the better.

Branded Merch

Branded merchandise can help visitors spread the message about your new store. Whether they make a purchase and they have a bag with your logo on it, every child receives a branded balloon, or you’re giving away goodie bags with branded merch inside, you’re a step closer to making your brand more memorable and enhancing brand awareness.

Think Security

No one wants to think the worst, but when you’re launching a retail store that’s been potentially years in the making, you must protect your assets. Ensure you have adequate security installed before your launch, this not only means shutters and locks on your doors but also cameras, door sensors, and security tags on your products.

Final Thoughts

Looking forward to your big launch? Follow these tips above to ensure it goes without a hitch!

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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