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Being a Fashion Retailer on Amazon in 2021

Being a Fashion Retailer on Amazon in 2021

Amazon was well known for selling books, cell phones, choppers, and kettles, but recently it has also started to attract clothing and other fashion brands, although the experience of sellers was not that good. But with the changing trend of shopping, sellers are looking to explore how to sell on Amazon under a brand store. People are trying hard to explore new ways to sell their stuff on Amazon.

The platform has a few hurdles for the fashion brand owner. It is trying to clear a few of them and has partnered with more relevant bodies to help sell fashion brands. Amazon has partnered with vogue to make things look even brighter for the brands. The clothing and fashion wear is bound to see a spike in sales soon. It is not just because of the efforts that Amazon is making but rather because of changing shopping trends in 2021.

39% of US shoppers are already visiting Amazon for clothes and more are ready to go to the platform. It has happened because of the prevailing pandemic. People are ready to visit online stores instead of getting out of their homes and visiting conventional stores. Now it’s time to visit an Amazon Agency for more details in this regard. Some past challenges and future developments are, however, discussed in the passage below.

The Past Issue with the Fashion Brands on Amazon

Amazon works very much the same way for every seller. It had not been that special at all in any aspect when it came to fashion brands. Because of this, the brand owners have faced a whole lot of challenges.

Brand Perception

The brand owners are not making out of the universe items but are rather shaping things around popular items. Yes, there exists some specialty in the material and making of the item, but it is more about promoting those materials and making them, which was not present on Amazon. Sellers were simply unable to make anything special on the platform. Unlike traditional world billboards, they were not even given free enough space to highlight their brand. Conventional product pages and listings were always going to prove less productive for the brands.

Ecommerce Hurdles

Brand perception building was not the only thing to tackle for the brands. There were many other eCommerce-related hurdles that brands had to face at every cost.

High Return Rates

One can test and check the clothes in the conventional store, but this option was never present in the eCommerce stores, so there were high return rates. One size fits all is a phenomenon that can be used for flexible t-shirts and undergarments, but it cannot be applied to all clothing. Hence a lot of buyers were returning the items on a quick basis.

Huge Variety and Inventory Costs

One cannot afford to retain all the variety using the FBA program. The costs were always going to rise for the seller in the beginning, while the sales were likely to remain on the lower side. This caused panic among third-party sellers.

Brand Restrictions

Until recently, Amazon has kept barring new brands to sell in the clothes category. This made clothing sellers a little less interested in selling on the platform. The platform has however allowed sellers to start selling any kind of branded items.

Amazon and Fashion in 2021

The past was not very promising, not only for the sellers, but also for the buyers. Now, with the changing trends, shoppers are ready to buy while Amazon is ready to accommodate sellers. It is making every measure to connect sellers and buyers through its platform.

Luxury Stores

Unlike in the past, Amazon is ready to roll out a different program for branded items. Luxury stores are the new option a seller can click to set up a branded item store. It will offer more space and will help one promote one’s items more diligently. A smooth selling experience is ensured at the luxury stores.

Partnering with Vogue and CFDA

Amazon is taking every step forward to make the platform look like the best place for branded item sellers. It has partnered with Vogue and the council of fashion designers of America to make things look very delicate for the brand sellers. Unlike in the past, the fashion items will now easily be sold on the platform as sellers will have more space and freedom to sell the branded items on Amazon.

Influence Storefronts

Amazon’s influencer program is another good way to promote brands. One can sell through that space if one has an authentic YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook following. It can prove productive for fashion item sellers as well.

How Can a Fashion Brand Stand Out on Amazon in 2021?

It depends on the quality of the branded items and how well they are doing in the conventional market places. Remember, selling a branded item will always be different from other items sold on Amazon. People would like to see how your brand is doing in the conventional world before even considering it as a brand on Amazon. Although you can promote anything you like on Amazon, having that vital presence in the conventional world is key to success. Here is the process.

Optimize Listing Descriptions

Selling a branded item on Amazon never means you need not worry about the competitors or keyword research is not required. It is necessary to optimize your listing descriptions concerning the top searched keywords. You are also required to conduct a competitor analysis to get the insights you need to set the tone straight.

Maximize the Images

You need to maximize your images. It is mandatory to manage all the space Amazon offers you for product picture placement. The broader images will help buyers understand the quality of the fabric before deciding on the purchase.

Use A+ Content

A thorough description can help you gain a good conversion rate. So, learn to use A+ content to highlight your items appropriately on Amazon listings.

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