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If I Am Approved for Workers’ Compensation, What Benefits Will I Be Entitled To?

If I Am Approved for Workers’ Compensation, What Benefits Will I Be Entitled To?

After getting past the initial hurdle in the application process, you must identify what workers’ compensation benefits you’re receiving. Some of the awards you will be entitled to include items that cover pay, medical care, and more. You can learn more about this aid to help prepare you for the next steps.

What Workers’ Compensation Benefits Should I Expect?

When you are injured at work, you can receive the financial support you need to help get you by. There is a maximum allowable amount for these benefits for a limited time.

Worker’s Comp Wages

In the state of California, you will receive two-thirds of the amount of your pre-tax gross wage. Every year, you can receive a maximum amount even if your pay is above the limit. As of 2018, the highest income was $1,215.27 per week, with the minimum being $182.29. This only is allowed to go up to 104 weeks. It is the same for temporary and permanent disabilities.

Medical Coverage

Workers’ compensation insurance covers all of the medical costs caused by your injuries. This includes surgeries, drug prescriptions, follow-up visits, physical therapy, and more. If you initially had to go to the emergency room for treatment, this will be included in the cost. Ongoing treatment, such as rehabilitation, is also included.

Occupational Illness

If you were injured while at work due to an occupational hazard, such as falling sick, getting exposed to chemicals, or other harm, then you can still be covered. This allows you to continue working while also receiving the help you need. The workers’ compensation will pay for your medical treatment while you perform your job.

Work-Related Deaths

If your family member recently passed away due to a work-related injury, you can receive death benefits. This includes funeral and burial expenses. These are paid at a total temporary disability rate, where the minimum payment is $224.00 per week. The amount of death benefits is dependent upon the number of dependents in the household. The collection of death benefits must happen within one year from when the death occurred.

Mileage Rates

You can also receive reimbursement for the cost of transportation if you cannot afford to commute for health treatment. This includes the bridge tolls, parking, and mileage. It has to be a reasonable distance from your home to hospitals, clinics, and treatment centers. If you have to fly to another state for surgery, this can also be included in the amount. The cost is $.56 per mile as of 2021.

To Appeal Work with a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

You can receive additional help from a workers’ compensation attorney if you believe that the amount you received was too little. For example, it is possible that you made an error on your application or didn’t include enough information. They can guide you on how to start the appeal process to get the amount you deserve.

Additional Information on Workers’ Compensation

You can learn more about workers’ compensation at Because every year adjustments to insurance policies are made, and information may change. However, plenty of resources can teach you about how workers’ compensation works and what to expect.

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