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10 Ways Smart Businesses Can Get the Most out of Their Employees

10 Ways Smart Businesses Can Get the Most out of Their Employees

A business’s employees are its lifeblood. Without excellent, motivated and passionate employees, a business will struggle to find success and profitability. There are many ways that a company can help empower their employees to achieve their best. It is also important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to helping employees succeed. You may need to experiment with different methods to help you, your employees, and your business thrive.   

It is vital to have a clear plan of action when coming up with ways to improve efficiency and productivity. You should understand your options clearly, and be methodical in your approach. After implementing new processes or systems, it can help to take the time to review how successful they have been in achieving your goals.   

Set Realistic Goals  

The goals you set for your team can make a big difference on productivity. Too low, and it might encourage wasted time and idleness at work, too high, and they will demoralize and demotivate your team. It is important to regularly review employee goals to ensure they are suitable. This may take some trial and error until you find the right balance.   

It is crucial to note that not every employee will work the same way and at the same speed. You should avoid setting the same targets across the board, as different employees will have different strengths and weaknesses. It is also important to discuss your employees’ goals with them to get their feedback and help you determine if the goals you are setting are realistic.   

Encourage Open Dialogue  

Communicating is essential in work life. You should do what you can to encourage and promote open dialogue, debate, and discussion. This communication should include yourself and other higher management as well as the rest of your teams.   

You could consider having an open-door policy and encourage your employees to come to you with any concerns, ideas, or suggestions. It may also help to implement a companywide instant messaging platform to allow your staff to quickly and easily get in touch with each other when needed.   

Host Regular Meetings with Agendas  

Meetings are a helpful way to encourage communication and innovation among your team. You could consider holding weekly meetings to discuss the state of the business, hear any ideas for improvements, and discuss the company’s current goals as a whole.   

It is crucial to ensure that your team meetings have a set agenda to ensure meetings stay productive. Meetings without an agenda can quickly turn into a waste of valuable time for all involved. You should ensure that you stick to your schedule for the meeting and avoid any deviations that will result in working time lost.   

Give Opportunities for the Best to Rise  

Part of being a business leader is keeping an eye to the future of the company. Allowing your employees to show their leadership potential is critical to ensure that you properly nurture the next generation of business talent. It is also important to employee satisfaction that you allow individuals to show what they can do.   

It may help to start delegating high-level work to promising employees to see how they react to the challenge. For instance, you could give the leadership of a project to a promising staff member and mentor them through the challenges of leading a team. It is essential to allow staff enough autonomy to help them grow in confidence.   

Invest in Their Professional Development  

Often, one of the most important benefits for employees is having the opportunity to grow and improve their existing skill set. Without professional development, employees may soon get frustrated and begin looking for work elsewhere. You could consider offering training opportunities to employees who want to deepen their industry knowledge and fund courses for skills that benefit both the employee and the business.   

The type of professional development you offer will depend on the kinds of skills your business and employees could benefit from. For instance, you might send employees on a leadership skills course to help foster the next generation of leadership.   

Make Use of the Tech Available  

Technology can be a huge advantage to help improve productivity in the workplace. You might consider ways to automate different processes to free up your workforce for more high-value work. You could also consider ways that technology can help you carry out performance reviews and monitor your staff’s performance levels to see if there is any way to improve.   

An excellent example of what to look for is this performance management software. This is an excellent way to keep track of employee performance and empower your staff to improve and grow. It can also help drastically reduce the amount of time you spend on employee performance management administration. The software integrates all of the different elements into one easy to use system.   

Organize Work Social Events  

Good relations between employees are crucial to ensure that your workplace remains a productive, happy, and healthy one. While the potential for workplace conflicts can never be eliminated entirely, giving employees the opportunity to bond outside of work can help improve their relationships at work.   

You could consider hosting a social event every month. For instance, have a company meal or drinks after work. This will give your employees the chance to get to know you and each other better and help ensure that the workplace remains harmonious.   

Promote Good Mental Health Practices  

The mental well-being of your staff is essential to ensure that your business remains productive. As a business owner, it is your job to ensure that staff are happy and productive. You can help ensure this by encouraging staff to maintain a good work-life balance and signposting staff to places they can get help if they find they are struggling. You can also let employees know that you are there to help if they need it.   

Be Open to Flexible Working Arrangements  

Flexible working has taken off in a big way thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic. Many workers globally are working remotely, either in part or entirely. There has also been a shift towards working more flexible hours. All of this can help ensure employees have an excellent work-life balance and cut down on stress from commuting.   

If you haven’t already, you could consider offering employees the chance to work from home or adjust their working hours to a pattern that suits them better. Flexitime can be an excellent way to allow staff more control over their working patterns and can increase productivity and employee satisfaction.   

Give Actionable Feedback  

Feedback is an integral part of how we grow as professionals. It is crucial to understand how to give constructive feedback that encourages staff to do better without being demoralizing. By providing staff with actionable feedback, you give them a clear goal to focus on that will help them grow and succeed.   

It is also important to be able to accept and act on the feedback you receive yourself. Feedback is always an excellent opportunity to learn, and it is important to accept honest feedback gracefully.   


To ensure your business remains a prosperous place, it is vital to show your staff you care about them and their professional development. It will take a combination of incentives, training, and feedback to help employees achieve their best. You should start implementing policies and technologies that help reduce inefficiency as soon as possible to see the best results. 

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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