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5 Best Ways to Keep Your Employees on Their Toes

5 Best Ways to Keep Your Employees on Their Toes

Full-time employees spend more time working than nearly anything else in their lives. When you’re requiring your staff to dedicate that much of themselves to the job, it’s important to create a work environment that encourages them to do their best. Your goal should be to have a motivated and productive workforce. Unfortunately, company culture often produces the exact opposite. Disgruntled staff who don’t feel valued aren’t likely to do their best work. To avoid this outcome, follow these five tips to keep your employees on their toes.

Emphasize Training

For your staff to do their best work and produce superior results, they need to thoroughly understand what their job entails and how to do it correctly. Management can’t expect workers to simply know this information upon hire. Competence requires adequate training, along with continuous education. It’s crucial to provide new employees with a comprehensive orientation when they arrive on the job– including general company information and expectations, along with detailed expectations for each person’s position. When employees understand what you expect of them, they can then take steps to provide just that. Re-training and review may be necessary sporadically over time to be sure everyone remains sharp and compliant. Continuing education may be necessary as new technology or equipment is introduced. Strong training is the first step to boosting productivity.

Provide Needed Equipment

Sometimes, businesses must be thrifty when budgets are tight. Those just starting or ones that experience slumps due to outside events will have to look for ways to save money. However, you want to try to avoid scrimping when it comes to equipment and technology. Employees can’t be expected to provide stellar results with outdated resources. If the computer system crashes regularly, for example, work can’t be accomplished. In addition, it’s quite demoralizing for workers to find themselves frustrated with their tools at every turn.

Know Your Employees

No one wants to feel like just a number. Managers who see their employees as merely a means of production are missing out on opportunities to discover just what their staff is capable of. Each employee likely brings unique skills and backgrounds to the team. By taking the time to learn about your employees and getting to know them, the company can truly benefit from what each person has to offer. You certainly don’t want to let such valuable resources be wasted. After all, you hired each team member for a reason. If you need a refresher, look over their resumes again or, better yet, invite them to sit down for a chat to learn more about each one. You’ll likely come away with a wealth of information.

Value Workers

Not only will your business gain an advantage from your employees’ outstanding skills and characteristics, but the staff members themselves will also feel valued when you show an interest in them and appreciate their talents. People want to feel valued. No one wants to be seen as just a means of production.

Ask your staff members for their opinions. After all, they’re the ones doing the job every day. Chances are, they have great ideas for ways to do things better. Treating your workers as a valuable part of the team will increase morale, leading to better results. Employees will want to do their best for a company that encourages, supports, and respects them.

Offer Incentives

Finally, celebrating victories and rewarding good work shouldn’t be minimized when it comes to employee productivity. Incentives work for a reason. Even the smallest gesture of praise can encourage an individual to continue to find ways to impress you. People feel good when their contributions are acknowledged. Look for ways to do just that. Small department parties can be morale boosters. Consider implementing an annual picnic or party if you haven’t already done so. These types of gestures provide acknowledgment and thanks, but they also give employees a chance to bond outside of work. Bring in corporate event entertainment or other types of fun. You’ll be surprised at the return on your investment.

If you want to cultivate an enthusiastic and motivated workforce, add these tips to your management strategy. A work culture that provides ample training, values its employees, and rewards outstanding performance will retain motivated, productive, and loyal staff over time. With effort and dedication, you can create an ideal workplace.

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by Miranda Spears // Miranda Spears is a Texas native who graduated from University of Texas at Austin and now spends her time as a freelance writer. When not writing, she enjoys horseback riding, shopping, trying new recipes, and spending time with her puppy.

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