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5 Ways to Throw an Epic Post-Lockdown Event

5 Ways to Throw an Epic Post-Lockdown Event

After being cooped up for the best part of eighteen months it’s finally time to celebrate our freedom! Dancing is allowed, bigger gatherings are allowed, and fun is allowed! However, even the most seasoned hosts may be feeling a little rusty so we’ve compiled a list of must-dos for your next event. Whether it’s a work conference, wedding, or sports event – we’ve got you covered.

Curate Your Guestlist

First things first, you need to decide who to invite. If you’re planning a work event, be sure to invite everyone you’ve Zoomed with since working from home became a thing. The bigger the event the more difficult it may be to keep on top of who can and can’t come. Why not use the help of a special software system to keep on top of your RSVPs? It will help you organize an event and manage the tickets or guestlist seamlessly so you can focus on more important elements like the cocktail menu!

Book Your Entertainment

Even a boring work conference needs some form of entertainment. Whether it be DJs pumping the air with lively music, or a dance troupe for a special occasion, giving your attendees something cool to see or do will make your event one to remember. Try to think outside the box to really wow your guests. Aerial performers, caricature artists, or comedians are all unique and fun ways to liven up a room.

Pick Your Theme

Will you be doing Black Tie or 1920s? Hawaiian Luau or 80s? Set your theme and then let your guest know if they need to come dressed up in costumes or keep it sophisticated with food, drinks, and music to reflect the concept. There are plenty of original ideas out there or you can keep it more traditional with a casino night. Have live tables scattered around, a red carpet at the entrance and a Las Vegas sign lighting up the room.

Plan Your Menus

Will you be doing a three-course seated menu or canapes only? Will you have special mixed drinks created just for the event or are you sticking to simple beer and wine? Consider the occasion and also the timing of the event. If you are planning an afternoon party that will continue late into the night you will need to provide a reasonable amount of food for your guests or they will all want to leave in search of a decent meal halfway through the evening. If your event is shorter, say 4-6 hours, why not have grazing platters made by a catering company? A more contemporary alternative to canapes served by waitstaff, platters are easy for guests to nibble on as much or as little as they would like.

Relax and Enjoy!

It can be hard work throwing a perfect event. Try and have a plan B in case something major goes wrong, but for the most part, understand that things won’t always be perfect and instead relax and focus on enjoying the moment – it’s been a long time coming!

Are you excited to get out and about now that the lockdown is over? Tell us about your perfect post-lockdown party plan in the comments.

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