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6 Factors to Consider When Planning an Event

6 Factors to Consider When Planning an Event

Now that life is getting back to “normal” after COVID, many businesses want to start planning their next event. Whether it be an industry conference or a corporate training, business leaders want to get back into the mix of networking and innovation.

However, organizing such an endeavour can be an overwhelming task that might make some people avoid it entirely. But the truth is that if you know what to focus on and have a good plan, it does not have to be something that is too difficult to achieve. Here are six things you will need to consider if you want to produce a memorable event.

Create a Theme

To make sure that your event is focused and that it has a purpose, you want to identify some form of theme or objective for the event. By doing so, it is going to make it much easier for you to hire guest speakers and decide on things such as venue, decorations, and who you should invite.

“Think about what you want to accomplish with the event and who would benefit from it,” suggests Sean Adams of Motivation Ping. “When you have put great thought into the purpose of the event, your attendees will pick up on this and you will feel a greater sense of accomplishment.

Pick Your Date

The earlier you can get commitment for a corporate event, the sooner you can fill in the blanks of where you will hold the event, who will be the main attraction, and when it will happen – sometimes morning events attract a different crowd than evening events – this choice will affect how you market to your target audience later. In terms of scheduling a venue, be sure to Google search terms in your area. You could look for free public spaces in large city center buildings or fancy places such as a restaurant on the water. You may be able to negotiate a deal, rent a university space, utilize internal organizational spaces, or even have the event online using video streaming. The location depends a lot on if it is available for the time you are holding the event– getting these details sorted early will let you focus on planning travel and catering.

Choose Your Speakers

The guest speakers you decide to work with are going to play a crucial role in the overall success of your event. These professionals are going to be responsible for not only keeping your audience’s attention, but ensuring that they learn something from your event.

First and foremost, you are going to need to hire a keynote speaker. This is the person who will give the first speech and grab your audience’s attention. Websites like Keynote Speakers make it very easy to find a speaker.

However, you may also want to consider booking an inspirational speaker. These are individuals who know how to tell a story that inspires your audience to do more in life and in business. They get your audience riled up and excited which helps your event leave a great impression on your audience. You can find great business motivational speakers at websites like Motivational Speakers.

Involve Sponsors

Having a corporate sponsor is a nice touch to give your event authority and approval; it can also add gravity to your cause. Sponsorship can be a video of an executive who sends best wishes and spends several minutes on a key topic. This can then be followed up with a speaker who delivers a time-determined presentation with time for audience Q&A. It should also be noted that the host of the event does not have to be the event planner.

You can also find other secondary sponsors who align with the goal of the event – for example, Human Resources may like to work with the IT department to encourage diversity of attendees. Try to build excitement and momentum for your event by thinking outside your company to other non-profit, educational, or cause related groups who may provide budget or free resources such as guest speakers, free courses, products, or charitable contributions.

Have Great Food

People love to eat, especially for an event. Having something to nibble on that is interesting and carefully selected can go a long way, so take some time to find your various catering options. Use food and beverages to set the tone – use your limited budget wisely. A fine event planned by a friend once included specialty mini cupcakes that contained unique ingredients, another event encouraged attendees to bring a cultural dish to create an international food fair. Catering is the far easier choice if you are ever overwhelmed by the idea of getting food for an event.

Prepare Your Speech

Very often, the people who are organizing the event get so busy with all of the tasks they are managing, that they forget to involve themselves in the event. Don’t do that. It is important that you also remain front and center and the best way to do this is by giving a presentation.

Since you are the person who conceptualized the event, this means that you should make sure that your thoughts and ideas reach your attendees. So make sure you practice your speech so that you can make your impact.

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