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How Can Inflatable Blimps Increase Brand Visibility?

How Can Inflatable Blimps Increase Brand Visibility?

We live in a digital world, in which we perform so many of our perfunctory chores online. Digital marketing is becoming uninspired and has begun following the same formula over and over again. For consumers, this means that we are becoming unmoved and unaffected by the adverts and promotional tools we see online. Of course, this is not always the case, but how we engage with each other (both online and in person), use our mobile devices, and desktops is undoubtedly changing.

Inflatable blimps, or any kind of aerial advertising, is a unique way to reach a new audience. In this article we are looking at why this fun, retro marketing tool is making a comeback, and especially focusing on what it means for SMEs.

The Reach A Broader Audience

Your local business might already have a steady and reliable customer base, but you are looking to expand. All marketing ventures are designed to bring new customers in to the business, but inflatable blimps have the unique benefit of targeting an audience that are already near by and who might not have previously paid attention to your goods or services. A blimp demands attention, and if they are already in the vicinity (or your address is printed on the blimp) they are more likely to react and engage with your business while you are on their minds. This might be the perfect option if you are an SME launching a new location or new store, in an area where your customer base is not yet established.

Logistics Are Easier, Simpler and Cheaper

An inflatable blimp is the perfect marketing tool to take on the festival circuit to a series of events or trade shows around the country. Picture a huge inflatable blimp soaring above your stall or stand in a huge venue, acting as a signpost for your business that all attendees can see! This is a huge benefit, however, an even bigger benefit of employing inflatable advertising is that they are cheap to transport.

Once deflated, blimps are lightweight and can be packed down into relatively small packages. This provides a great opportunity for SMEs, who might not have the capital or manpower to build, pack, and set up a booth that is going to capture an audience’s attention. Although a blimp would be an upfront cost, it’s easy to inflate and get going, which means you can cut the cost of unnecessary staff, too!

When you are touring festivals and looking to boost brand awareness of your brand, one of the most important things is consistency. The more you appear at these events, especially with an inflatable blimp that is certain to catch the eyes of passers-by, the more likely you are to be photographed and appear on the social channels of those at the event. This kind of user generated content is sure to feed into your brand visibility until you become a festival-regular and a much-anticipated face at the next event!

Use Inflatables to Network

The power of internet marketing is dwindling, but face to face networking and sales are still the most popular way to convert a customer, inform an audience about your mission, or simply build a relationship. This kind of attentive customer service or experience is now considered a high-end or luxury, only provided by the best companies.

Inflatable blimps are the perfect way to draw customers to your physical store or encourage them to speak directly to you. From here, you can employ many other marketing tactics that could grip new customers or build relationships. One by one, loyal customers can be obtained. A returning, loyal customer has always been one of the most valuable things in any business.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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