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10 Benefits of Outsourced Sales and Marketing

10 Benefits of Outsourced Sales and Marketing

Like any other business process, sales and marketing can be outsourced to a provider. These processes can be outsourced either partially or entirely. Either way, outsourcing brings lots of benefits to companies. The biggest benefit comes when a business plans to expand in new markets.

Below are reasons why you should consider outsourcing.


When outsourcing business processes, you can launch things quickly and proceed without worrying about risks. The risks are low because your outsourcing providers use high-quality resources and tried-and-tested strategies.

Outsourcing is most favorable when testing out new sales models and exploring new markets. With outsourcing, the below processes are completed fast:

  • Direct selling via multiple channels
  • Easy determination of which markets and customers to target
  • Easy determination of convenient price points to target
  • Fast setting up of online marketing via multiple channels
  • Marketing and sales tools have already been sourced and tested.

If you go with the traditional route, the process can be laborious and slow, and doing the following takes a lot more time:

  • Hiring and building an in-house sales team and processes (usually takes half a year to complete)
  • Selection of audience and regions to target
  • Getting a recruiter to facilitate the hiring process
  • Interviewing
  • Building marketing and sales teams.

By the time you get systems up and running, your business would have spent $50,000 or more, plus other resources, such as time and travel expenses. By this time, you still do not know if the markets you have identified will give you good results.


The outsourcing model means you have access to a highly qualified team that is built around specific sales and marketing strategies.

On top of that, there is an extra layer of local oversight, which means someone helps monitor the resources and results to ensure that everyone is delivering on the set goals and within the allocated budget.

The model also allows for adjusting the workforce without disruption to business operations. If you see someone is not a good fit, the person can be easily swapped out without interference to business.

In the case of an outsourcing provider, they can identify any problematic point in the workforce chain before their client does and respond fast. If they need to swap out resources, they can do so while maintaining the pipeline and processes.


Outsourcing your marketing and sales processes can help you cut down costs significantly. Imagine hiring someone or a team of people who will later be deemed ineffective. Firing these people will basically mean you are going to be starting from scratch all over again.

If anybody is disgruntled, they can even walk off from your business, breaking your team apart. These people may even mess up the job of handing over tasks to their replacements. You will lose time, energy, and money when that happens.

Fast Entry into New Markets

Maintaining your current operations while exploring new markets can take time, and according to Harvard Business Review, the chance for success is only 25%.

In contrast, a good outsourcing firm can penetrate new markets in a matter of weeks to generate rapid business growth. It can help you streamline expansion processes by:

  • Taking charge of localized issues, such as regulatory requirements and cultural norms.
  • Satisfying conditions for local hiring and staffing.

Access to Cutting-Edge Technology

Outsourcing companies have access to a wide range of technology, delivering cutting-edge solutions to their customers. That gives the best that technology can offer without the headaches of cost and integration issues. That also allows you to test new tools before making any significant investment.

Outsourcing sales and marketing operations can help you leapfrog technology constraints. While you have access to advanced tools, you also learn how to get the most value out of these tools.

Better Process Management

When you outsource your marketing and sales, you are not required to manage these processes. Pay the service and have it delivered to you. The level of professionalism and the quality of delivery remain absolutely intact. It is also easier to track your ROI because you will not have to pay for secondary services, such as software and training.

At the same, you will not get stuck in training your teams and ensuring their performance. Your management skills can then be utilized in other equally important components of your business.

Professional Strategy

Creating marketing and sales strategies is not easy. It requires an in-depth knowledge of the markets to pull off a productive lead-generation and appointment-setting campaign.

With an outsourcing service, the strategy is already available, and all you need to do is tap into it. That is easily the most effective method to take your business forward speedily.

Service-Based Options

If you are searching for an agency that offers social media content marketing or email automation, then that is exactly the service you will get. Many outsourcing agencies focus on outbound marketing, SEO, email pitching, or other marketing and sales generation methods.

There are even agencies that charge only for leads that are sure to convert into paying customers. Pick the best method that applies to your business and only pay for that.

Exposure to New Talents

By outsourcing parts of your business to SaaS agencies, you get access to new talents. When you have such access, you can streamline all your processes. Meanwhile, you can also have an easy time designing and implementing new projects.

Take Advantage of Benefits

Overall, your business can take advantage of many benefits that otherwise may not be available with in-house marketing and sales. These advantages include:

  • Reduced and controlled operational costs
  • Ability to focus on core processes
  • Attain a high level of expertise
  • Being a step ahead in the competition
  • Freeing more funds for other core functions
  • Increasing productivity on time-consuming processes
  • Maximized utilization of outside sources

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by Brian Perry // Brian Perry is a contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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