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7 Popular Professional Tree Service Options

7 Popular Professional Tree Service Options

Have you looked at your yard recently and discovered your trees no longer look as healthy as they used to? If the answer to this question is yes, you may want to consider calling a professional tree service in St. Louis, MO. Regular tree care and maintenance are essential to your tree’s growth and life span. If they aren’t taken care of, they may become vulnerable to various diseases and get taken over by insects and rodents.

You may be surprised to know that tree service companies do more than just trim and remove trees. They also provide many landscaping services, including maintenance to your garden. So, when you require it, you don’t have to call a ton of different tree companies. Instead, one may provide all the services you need.

Suppose you’re wondering what type of services most tree companies do. You can find a list of the most common services below. We also include the answers to the most frequently asked questions, such as what it entails, the cost, and why you should hire a professional. Visit our website at  to know more about hiring a professional tree service.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is the most obvious professional tree service. There are ways that a tree can grow that causes damage to your home or electrical wires. Not only can this be dangerous, but it can also impact your home and cause foundation damage. In cases like this, you typically need to have the entire tree removed instead of just having it trimmed.

The average cost of having a tree removed

This depends on the size of the tree, how close it is to powerlines, and any other things the tree remover may need to consider. Typically, tree removal costs vary between $450-710, with an average price of around $650.

What does tree removal entail?

  • Correct safety gear
  • Climbing and harnessing the tree
  • Cutting the large branches
  • Determining which branches to cut and which to leave for stability
  • Cutting the limbs and trunk into segments

Pruning and Trimming

Suppose you notice long unsightly branches or a tree that becomes infested with bugs. It’s time to call a professional tree trimmer service. Tree services can efficiently perform this task by cutting away dead and overgrown stems or old and damaged branches. There are times when a large tree requires pruning, and you need a company that knows how to safely prune them without causing property damage or harming the tree.

The average cost of pruning and trimming

This varies by the tree service company you use. Some charge an hourly rate, while others charge a flat rate. It will vary between the size of the project, but you can expect to pay roughly between $200-$400.

What does pruning and trimming trees require?

The first thing that a professional will do is determine which way the trees are growing. They will then start shaping and trimming the branches that are small enough to cut with hand tools. They’ll cut them at a 45-degree angle to prevent water damage and disease.

Once they do the smaller ones, they’ll remove the larger ones. They’ll do this in a parallel line so that the tree can get the most sunlight. Once they choose the correct branches, they’ll make two cuts. The first one is 8-12″ from the limb of the final cut. It will be done on the underside of the branch. The second cut will be on the top of the branch and will go all the way through. The last cut will be at the collar of the tree to entirely remove the branch.

Tree Stump Removal

Tree stumps are not only ugly, but they can also spread diseases and decay. Insects and other wood burrowing pests such as termites will eventually infest the trees. They also may make their way into your home, causing extensive damage. Tree stumps are the perfect spot for mold to grow. It is not only unsightly. It can also make your family and pets sick. Tree stumps may also cause people to trip, which may lead to injuries.

The average cost of tree stump removal

Depending on the size of the project, you can expect to pay anywhere from $150-200. Large tree stumps that need to be ground down will cost more than smaller ones with shorter roots and don’t require much effort or equipment.

What tree stump removal entails

The project process depends on the size. Below are the different ways tree removal specialists may remove a stump.

  • Stump grinding
  • Hand digging
  • Backhoe removal
  • Chemical method


Some tree services have an arborist who can significantly increase the chances of your newly planted tree growing and thriving. An arborist can assist you in figuring out sun patterns and water access to ensure the tree is fed well and will grow healthy. They also determine if your chosen planting area can negatively impact the health of your existing trees. Additionally, they have the equipment to ensure that the job goes quickly.

The average cost of planting

This is an hourly cost that can be roughly $50-150 an hour most of the time. Some also charge by the size of the job and what all the size entails.

What professional planting entails

  • Surveying the area
  • Determining the best place for planting based on it getting the nutrients it needs to survive
  • They make sure that the trees around it will thrive and the root system doesn’t impede the growth of other trees or damage your home or other structures.
  • Digging the proper-sized hole, so the root system grows currently

Bracing and Cabling

Have you noticed that one of your trees isn’t looking stable? Maybe they’re are splitting or starting to fall, but the roots are still intact. As long as the roots are intact, the tree has a chance of surviving. A professional tree removal service can increase the odds of the tree surviving by using cabling and bracing to support weak branches to maintain the root system. Using this technique also helps to make sure that newly planted trees grow straight.

Cost of bracing and cabling

Smaller trees may cost $170, while larger ones cost anywhere between $200-400 based on their size. Of course, if the tree is enormous and has a lot of damage, the cost may be higher.

What bracing and cabling entails

  • Prune the tree to remove weak or damaged branches
  • Install cables, brace steel rods, or both to provide structure to support the tree

Treat Diseased Trees

Tree services can accurately identify and treat various tree diseases. The disease can quickly progress and infect trees around it, ruining your landscaping. Preventive care is the best way to ensure a healthy tree. There you can do pre-emptive foliar treatments, which specifically decrease the chances of infections the tree is likely to get.

Cost of treating diseased trees

Like all tree work, it varies by the labor involved commonly. It can cost anywhere between $50-250 to identify, treat and talk about preventive measures.

What the treatment entails

Preventive measures

  • Visual inspection of the foliage, trunk, and stumps
  • Recommend preventing treatment
  • Recommend soil changes
  • Access and improve site conditions

Treating the disease

  • Diagnose
  • Apply specific field-tested ingredients for the infection
  • Identify and correct conditions that make the tree vulnerable to disease
  • Prune the tree and recommend any changes that need to be made

Emergency Tree Removal

Emergencies happen, such as a tree falling during a storm. If it falls across the road, it will impede traffic. It may fall on powerlines, and worst of all, it may fall on your home. This is when a tree removal service should be your first call. Most companies have a 24-hour service available.

Cost of emergency tree removal services

Emergency tree removal service can cost anywhere from $100-1,800 depending on the size of the tree, how many people are needed for removal and the types of tools required.

What removal entails

This type of removal consists of similar things as cutting down the tree.

  • Pruning the tree
  • Removing branches
  • Cutting the tree into segments
  • Removing the debris

Why Hire A Professional Tree Service in St. Louis, MO?

Tree trimming and removal professionals have the tools and expertise to ensure that job is done quickly and correctly. In addition, they carry personal and liability insurance to ensure any damages are covered and anyone injured is protected. Many people believe that it’s easy to prune and plant trees, and for an experienced person, they may be. However, if you’re inexperienced, you may end up damaging your trees and causing infestations of insects or diseases that spread to your other trees.

Sure, you may have to pay more upfront to have a professional handle your tree needs. Dead trees that may blow over during high winds or the weight of snow and ice can fall onto your home, car or fall onto a neighbor’s property. If any of these happen, the repairs to any damages will far outweigh taking the proper preventive measures.

Also, with all of the services provided by professional tree service in St. Louis, MO, you don’t have to call around looking for many companies to service your outdoor needs. From pruning to emergency services, they will have you covered.

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