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Use Your Smartphone to Sell Products on Amazon

Use Your Smartphone to Sell Products on Amazon

Online business owners will tell you that the most agile companies are the ones where you can do virtually all your work from your phone. Why does this matter? Because when you want to travel the world, it’s best to travel light. Having to lug around gear to create products or take photographs or videos can be cumbersome. Additionally, it gets complicated to store gear in a secure manner while you’re away from your working space. Using a smartphone to create videos and photos is not only possible, but it can still look professional. The beauty of selling on Amazon is that there are a few different approaches you can take. Whether you import items from overseas for Amazon FBA or find products to resell, here’s how you can do it from the convenience of your phone.

Resell Products

There are a couple of ways to approach reselling. Some retailers buy products at thrift stores, estate sales, and garage sales and then mark them up to resell on Amazon. They find items that are in great condition that they know will sell quickly, and then they ship the product to the customer after purchase.

Some of the best products to sell using this approach are ones that you can ship in a flat mailer. This can include books, movies, and even CD’s. People like to buy hard-to-find items on Amazon because they are not limited by how far they can drive. You could also sell off your old beanie baby collection or even other collectible toys this way. You’ll need to ship them, so be sure to include the full cost of shipping in the pricing.

The other way to resell is to find a product, usually a large item, list it for sale in your Amazon store, then purchase it from a different seller, and drop ship it to the customer after the sale. The key here is to create a listing that’s more desirable and more expensive so that you’ll make a profit when the item sells. And if you have a good camera on your phone, you can easily do all this from a smartphone.

Amazon FBA

This approach is called fulfillment by Amazon. In this approach you order products wholesale, then have them shipped to an Amazon fulfillment center. All the items get checked into your inventory and then you can upload images and add descriptions of each product. Once your listings are live, customers purchase your products directly through Amazon, then Amazon completes the order and ships it to the customer. They handle all parts of the process including returns.

Amazon FBA is ideal for people who don’t want to bother with printing shipping labels, bringing packages to the post office, and processing returns. It’s also ideal for people who don’t have a lot of storage space for products. They understand that Amazon can act as the warehouse and the shipper, and they know how valuable this service is.

It’s important to know that if your products are coming in from overseas, you need to get help with Amazon FBA customs compliance. By getting customs compliance help, you ensure that your products won’t get held up and will be delivered to an Amazon fulfillment center soon after they arrive. The great thing is that you can do all this from your smartphone.

Create Custom Books

Did you know that you can create more than reading books on Amazon? Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing—or Amazon KDP—allows publishers to create journals, calendars, and so much more. Whether you’re creating a well-illustrated children’s book, you’re making a recipe book, or you’re writing your first novel, Amazon KDP lets you do everything from your phone. Create graphics using the Canva app, upload text from Google Docs, and put it altogether to upload to Amazon KDP. Apps like Canva and Crello allow you to easily design professional book covers in minutes.

Using Amazon KDP is a great way to work from anywhere using just your phone. If you prefer, you could do some of the larger graphics work on an IPad or laptop. But knowing you can use just a phone to sell on Amazon makes it more accessible to anyone with a smartphone and a few different apps.

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