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What to Do with Extra Room in Your Budget at Year-End

What to Do with Extra Room in Your Budget at Year-End

Do you have a surplus of funds in Q4? If the end of the year arrives by exposing extra money leftover in your budget, consider it a sign to double-down on investor relations (IR).

Your IR strategy plays a critical role in both retention and lead generation, whether you’re preparing for an IPO or already listed on the Street. It shines a spotlight on your brand, delivers a fair valuation of your company, and helps you gain access to vital capital.

Your end-of-year budget could hold the key to unlocking even greater rewards for your organization. Keep scrolling to learn more.

Why Should You Focus Spending on Your Investor Relations?

When it comes to Q4 investor relations, it’s never too late to make a difference. Any end-of-year spending can boost your performance right now. But more importantly, it lays the foundation of an even more efficient approach to your investor relations in Q1 of next year and beyond.

Here are some of the goals you can tackle now and well into the new year with the right IR strategy.

  • Establishing your online presence and building a stronger brand
  • Targeting new investors, improving your global outreach
  • Maintaining relationships with your shareholders, engaging with a global audience
  • Sharing critical information, including both financial and nonfinancial data
  • Collecting valuable analytics to understand your shareholder base and measure your success
  • Gaining real-time insights into the market
  • Making predictions about your shareholder movements
  • Creating proactive tactics to address activism
  • Delivering timely announcements about market events
  • Achieving compliance with the SEC
  • Attaining the right share price for your company

What IR Tools Should You Invest in at Year-End?

With so many objectives above, an effective IR strategy doesn’t cover just one thing. It involves a multi-pronged approach.

The top IR firms will recommend a balance of tools to maximize your presence on the market.

Integrated CRM Software

An all-in-one suite of CRM tools can help you keep tabs on your shareholders. This software aggregates all your analytics into one place, making it easier to analyze, report, and leverage data into a response.

Cloud-based technology strips down information silos so that any team can access this information to target the right investor, at the right time.

IR Websites

The best investor relations websites weave together your branded story with irrefutable financials to underscore your current and future value to shareholders and potential investors. They balance beautiful design with practical functionality to make a useful site that’s easy to navigate.

Stock Surveillance

Keep your finger on the pulse of stocks by actively monitoring trades and market sentiment in real-time. These insights deliver actionable IR intelligence to help you make timely business decisions.

ESG Consulting

No investor relations strategy today is complete without transparent ESG reporting. People want to see companies are making efforts to adopt sustainable and ethical business practices.

Unfortunately, these goalposts are constantly changing as the industry strengthens its regulations. If you aren’t sure how to share your green or philanthropic efforts, an ESG consultant can advise you on ESG best practices.

Webcasting Services and Events

Whether you plan on hosting webinars, virtual bus tours, or hybrid capital market events, an IR firm can ensure you’re sharing this information effectively and securely with the latest webcasting technology. The latest webcasting tools can help you maximize tracking and analytics to help understand your shareholders’ thoughts and attitudes.

Give Your Investor Relations a Boost This Year

There are a lot of areas that could benefit from an influx of funds at the end of the year, but none promise as many advantages as your investor relations. Between greater efficiency when reporting and improved webcasting experiences, you stand to gain a lot with this spending in Q4.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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