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The Art of Business Promotions: 3 Simple Strategies You Should Consider

The Art of Business Promotions: 3 Simple Strategies You Should Consider

When you’re in business, promoting yourself is an ongoing task. And often this seemingly simple task requires you to be creative due to a large number of competitors you may find yourself up against.

It’s easy to say that promotion is essential to an effective marketing strategy. But what exactly is effective promotion? What is the best strategy? And how do you keep your target customers engaged?

Studies have shown that businesses with simple and strategic marketing campaigns which include promotional materials tend to have much higher customer engagement. And if you’re interested in staying in business, engaging with your customers and keeping them interested in you is a goal that you’ll want to reach.

All in all, there are a variety of ways to offer promotions. But if you want to be successful in your business endeavor, you’ll want to keep your strategy simple and creative.

Promotional Items That Everyone Loves

If you’re going to engage with customers through promotional materials, you might not want to go with the classics. And this is simply because what’s worked in the past doesn’t always work for everyone today.

For example, the younger generation among us might not be too excited about a book of coupons–items that Boomers and Gen X would easily be enticed by. But promotional items such as apparel, smartphone accessories, gift cards, and the like are more apt to be embraced by a larger customer pool.

Additionally, you’ll need to really think about what your target demographic includes, i.e., age group, socioeconomic standing, needs, tastes, likes, and dislikes. As such, offering promotional products such as calendars may be perfect for older Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers. But when it comes to Gen Z, you might want to stick to hoodies or PopSockets.

Online Raffles

If you really want to beef up your marketing strategy with promotional ideas, having an online raffle is a great marketing tool that can serve multiple purposes.

In order for customers to participate in an online raffle, they have to navigate to your landing page where they’ll be prompted with a form to fill out their contact information. And this is where you’ll be able to build your email list for further promotions, along with building a profile for your customer relationship management strategy.

The great part about online raffles is that they can be simple. For example, maybe you’re raffling off a 50 percent discount on any product or service you offer. Or you could raffle off something of greater value such as a new iPad, or something similar. The choice is completely up to you.

However, the trick with online raffles is that you have to build up your online presence first by consistent engagement. But once your followers see that you’re offering something of value, you’re likely to see more views and followers.

Local Advertisements

Advertising locally is still one of the best ways to gain immediate exposure in your community. And if you offer a physical product or have a physical location, local advertising is essential. Local advertising resources are also great venues for promotions, and for spreading the word about your business.

For example, you might contact a local radio station and see if they’ll work with you on a giveaway promotion, i.e, the 6th caller into the station will win a free product or service of yours. And you can also utilize local television ads for similar purposes such as contacting the number on the screen within 24 hours to receive a discount.

When it comes to local promotions, this is your gateway to building a local customer base. So start small, and begin attracting customers organically.

Promotions are tools that all businesses should use if they want to truly engage with their customer base and offer something of value. This is essential for not only making a name for yourself in the business world but for establishing brand awareness as well.

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