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Top 3 Engagement Ring Trends for 2022

Top 3 Engagement Ring Trends for 2022

Not even a global pandemic can get in the way of love. As couples prepare to celebrate their commitment come what may, here are some of the engagement rings that are trending with modern lovebirds.

Timeless Settings

When it comes to ceremonial gifts, many people love to invoke the romance and elegance of timeless designs, such as emerald cut engagement rings. Elongated center stones not only appear larger than round stones of the same carat weight but can also make your fingers seem slimmer.

Classic settings will never go out of style. Emerald cuts continue to exude old-world sophistication while pear cuts speak of style and grace. Oval cuts have become the choice of brides, such as Hailey Baldwin Beiber, who love the feminine look and the flattering effect of an elongated stone.

Eternity Bands

In a time where many weddings have been postponed, eternity bands function as both engagement rings and wedding bands. Instead of a single large center stone, eternity bands usually have several small gems set throughout the ring for a beautiful glimmer.

Eternity bands are also perfect for the ring stacking trend that remains extremely fashionable thanks to Instagram and Pinterest. Brides and brides-to-be are complementing their eternity bands with other unique pieces that highlight their style and personality.

Double Bands

The double-banded engagement ring is an evolution of the ring stacking trend and is set to be one of the most fashionable trends for 2022. Double bands can be perfectly parallel, merged into a split-shank, or expertly designed to seem as if the center stone is floating.

Worn by celebrities such as Sophie Turner, the versatile double band design can be crafted to make the center stone stand out. For the minimalists at heart, there is also the option to have double eternity bands sans center stone for an understated look that is a notch above the norm.

Lab Diamonds vs Natural Diamonds

Aside from ring design, the gems used in engagement rings are another major consideration. With the advancement of laboratory technology allowing for bigger and better gems, lab-grown diamonds are becoming increasingly fashionable and competitive in price.

Lab diamonds are visually identical to natural diamonds. They possess the same types of clarity, color, sparkle, and hardness, and can come in the same shapes and sizes. In fact, the two are so similar that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has removed marketing distinctions since 2018.

That said, some differences lead consumers to choose lab diamonds over natural diamonds. Natural diamonds are formed deep in the earth and have to be extracted by mining. Many conscious consumers prefer to have gems that are free from ecological and human conflict.

In addition, the limited supply of natural diamonds has kept their prices at a consistent high. Meanwhile, there is no cap on the number of lab diamonds being created, allowing them to be significantly more affordable than natural diamonds and more within the means of young couples.

Engagement rings are an essential part of our matrimonial celebrations. While jewelry trends change with the times, our fascination with precious gems and sparkling stones will remain as steadfast as the love for our partners.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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