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3 Ways to Reduce Stress that Will Make You Feel Recharged for Work

3 Ways to Reduce Stress that Will Make You Feel Recharged for Work

One startling statistic that many are not aware of is that nearly 95 percent of those who work in a business environment report being stressed out most of the time. In all, only 6 percent of those surveyed said they weren’t ever stressed. So, what’s their secret?

The modern business world is composed of those who work in corporate settings, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and many others, yet practically all of these environments report high levels of continuous stress. We all lead busy lives in some fashion, but your busyness doesn’t have to come in tandem with high stress.

Stress is bad for the heart and the mind. It raises your blood pressure and lowers the effectiveness of your immune system. It also reduces your focus and your concentration. This is why most people who are highly stressed report illnesses more often.

If you’re feeling a little too stressed over your business affairs, the following article will explore a few modern remedies to help cope with stress.

Go Fishing

But wait, fishing can be stressful, right? Well, you’re not a career fisherman, and unless you’re trying to nab a Great White with your bare hands, sitting on the shore or in a boat with a rod in your hands isn’t going to be stressful.

Studies have shown that simply by being around water has an electrochemical effect on the mind. Moving water produces negatively charged ions. Now, we’re not going down the rabbit hole or into a lesson from your fifth-grade science class, so no need to roll your eyes just yet.

Negatively charged ions are known to produce a calming effect. Additionally, theories also suggest that negative ion exposure increases serotonin levels, which naturally affect our mood in a positive way and helps to significantly reduce stress.

Just being outside among nature is a relaxing activity. You’re breathing in oxygen-rich air and your awareness of the natural environment is enhanced. It naturally makes you feel good, so go get a new tackle box then get out there and start fishing.


Don’t worry, you don’t need to go buy a special carpet from India, a brick of incense, or any guidebooks on “how to meditate.”

The funny thing about meditation is, everyone is constantly telling other people how to meditate when meditation is as personal an experience as prayer. It’s different for everyone, and nobody can really tell you “how” to meditate. You just have to start trying to focus the mind in whatever way works best for you.

This is often done through focusing on only the breath as you breathe naturally. When your attention gets caught in mind activity, always return it to the breath. And, this is how it works. It’s a cycle that you keep repeating, over and over. There’s no right or wrong way.

Meditation has been proven by science to calm the mind and eliminate stress. It’s also linked to longevity, better sexual performance, greater focus, and concentration. In fact, studies performed on the brain matter of Steve Jobs, a lifelong meditator, found that even though he died at the age of 56, his brain showed the age of that of a 25 year old.


As already stated, moving water has a positive effect on the mind and body. Well, so does exercise. This being said, why not exercise while you’re in the water?

Exercise has proven to be a great stress eliminator. You’re not only staying in shape, releasing endorphins, and stirring up all those feel-good chemicals in your body, you’re in a relaxing environment. Even simply floating in water for about a half hour has been shown to reduce stress as well.

While you could choose to swim in a pool, chemicals in most pools have a drying effect on the skin. If swimming sounds like something you’d like to try, look for a saltwater pool, or choose a natural body of water to swim in instead.

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by Harvey Carr // Harvey Carr is a contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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