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Audio Interview with Bonnie Marcus of Women’s Success Coaching

Audio Interview with Bonnie Marcus of Women’s Success Coaching

Bonnie Marcus, founder of Women’s Success Coaching, explains in this interview with Monday Morning Radio host Dean Rotbart how women can succeed as entrepreneurs and businesswomen in today’s business environments. By focusing on promotion, positioning and building strategic relationships, Bonnie says women can get ahead and stay ahead in competitive workplaces.

While much of Bonnie’s business coaching focuses on women in the corporate world, her message also applies to women business owners. She stresses that business owners are not protected from business politics and need to be aware of the workplace dynamics of their own businesses in order for them to run smoothly and effectively.

Bonnie Marcus has held executive positions in both startups and Fortune 500 companies, including CEO of a ServiceMaster company and Vice President of Sales at Medical Staffing Network. She is a contributing writer for Forbes and Business Insider and speaks around the world on topics relating to women in business. She received her BA from Connecticut College and a M.Ed. from New York University.

About Monday Morning Radio

Monday Morning Radio is a podcast produced by Dean Rotbart and David Biondo that contains interviews with successful and innovative business people and business experts. The program is produced in cooperation with the nonprofit Wizard Academy, an Austin, Texas-based school for imaginative, courageous and ambitious entrepreneurs.

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