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Balancing Business with Compassion: 5 Questions with Dr. Steve Laverson, Cosmetic Surgeon at Feel Beautiful

Balancing Business with Compassion: 5 Questions with Dr. Steve Laverson, Cosmetic Surgeon at Feel Beautiful

Dr. Steve Laverson, a San Diego-based plastic surgeon, talks about what differentiates a good plastic surgeon and what he’s learned about business in his more than two decades of running a successful medical practice.

What are the primary service(s) or product(s) that your business provides?

We help people like their reflection in mirrors, which promotes their confidence in social and professional situations and their quality of life.

Who’s your perfect customer? Do you work with other business (B2B), or consumers (B2C), or both?

Ours is a B2C personalized service. Although 90% of our customers are women, the perfect customer is a man or woman with a specific request that we’re able to accommodate. Women who want larger or lifted breasts, a smaller more beautiful nose, a flatter tummy after childbirth, or who just want to look younger are our most typical clients.

When did you start your company? Share a little about your professional history leading up to starting your company.

I started my business in 1993. Because of my artistic ability, plastic surgery was the specialty that interested me most in medical school, and for which I had a strong passion. My training was long and traditional, ten years of post-graduate residency at multiple major hospitals, but it’s the training that forms character, judgment, and a deep fund of knowledge which are at least as important as technical skill for consistently high quality results. You can read more about my training and background here.

What are one or two things that you’ve learned the hard way?

If I had to choose one lesson, it’s not to give away so much work. For the first ten to fifteen years of my career, I did thousands of totally non-reimbursed procedures, mostly reconstructive surgery, but also cosmetic. We always struggled to pay our bills, but wanted to help the suffering and everyone with desire. This, however, leads to a reputation for giving, and attracts many who are not truly in need, but simply want to take advantage of the generosity. Many that we have helped returned wanting more, rather than expressing gratitude. Business is a challenge, and providing our particular service mandates compassion and constant striving for perfection. It’s difficult to focus on perfection when you’re struggling to make ends meet.

What is one thing that most people don’t know about your business or industry that you wish they did?

Many people don’t know how to differentiate pretenders from contenders in the cosmetic surgery industry. Doctors all look the same. Inside however, there are huge differences that influence your outcome greatly. Finding a true professional who is ethical and committed to excellence is worth the effort. Good plastic surgery doesn’t look like plastic surgery. It appears natural and beautiful, and is easier than ever before because of advances in our understanding of aging, better technology, and improved procedures. Consumers should consult those who maintain the highest standards for their own performance, and who are members of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

Where’s the best place for people to learn more about your company?

You can find out more and contact us at our website,

short url:

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