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Managing Complex Business Operations: An Interview with Julian Flores of

Managing Complex Business Operations: An Interview with Julian Flores of

Listen as Julian Flores, founder of, an online ski and snowboard equipment rental business, is interviewed by Monday Morning Radio host Dean Rotbart. Julian discusses how business owners can manage complex operations in their businesses, while still maintaining excellent customer service.

In the interview, Julian talks about how he was attracted to the business concept because it provided such a simple solution for customers—providing top of the line ski and snowboard gear for rent, and delivering it directly to the customer’s hotel. He discusses how he tested the business concept first on a small scale out of his garage, and then was able to scale it up after discovering and solving many of the complexities of running such a business.

Julian Flores, in addition to founding, is the founder or co-founder of two other successful organizations—Atlas Preparatory School and The Vanguard Consultancy. He specializes in operations, strategic planning and team-building. He is a graduate of Stanford University as well as an alum of the Colorado Springs Leadership Institute. In 2010, he was named a Rising Star by the Colorado Springs Business Journal.

About Monday Morning Radio

Monday Morning Radio is a podcast produced by Dean Rotbart and David Biondo that contains interviews with successful and innovative business people and business experts. The program is produced in cooperation with the nonprofit Wizard Academy, an Austin, Texas-based school for imaginative, courageous and ambitious entrepreneurs.

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