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Putting out Fires: 5 Questions with Tony Giordano, Residential Real Estate Agent

Putting out Fires: 5 Questions with Tony Giordano, Residential Real Estate Agent

Tony Giordano answers our five questions as he transitions from a career in firefighting to owning a residential real estate business in Southern California with his wife, Krystle. He talks about how he is taking his experience in public service and applying it to his new business.

What are the primary service(s) or product(s) that your business provides?

We help the community with residential real estate.

Who’s your perfect customer?

Our perfect customer is anyone looking to buy or sell a residence and needs the help of a professional real estate agent.

When did you start your company? Share a little about your professional history leading up to starting your company.

We started our company in 2015. Before going into real estate, Krystle was a Charger Girl for three seasons. Tony was a Fire Captain with the City of San Bernardino Fire Department.  Tony was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and is retiring at the age of 35. We decided to put our customer service skills to work in the real estate market. We bought our own fire truck, a bad to the bone company, created our logo, and we are off to the races!

What are one or two things that you’ve learned the hard way?

What seems insignificant to you may be critical to somebody else. It is the same in a 911 emergency. We get seasoned to responding to everybody’s fires. Little fires to us are raging infernos to others. We put out fires during real estate transactions and we have learned to treat every fire as if it is our own.

What is one thing that most people don’t know about your business or industry that you wish they did?

My whole life up until I was diagnosed with an incurable disease was to be the best firefighter possible. I committed my life to every aspect of firefighting. This same level of passion and intensity has now transitioned to our real estate business. People need to know who we are. If I could get 5 minutes with every potential client, that would be enough to tell our story and we would create a life long friendship. We are people of our word.

Where’s the best place for people to learn more about your company?

Our new website is being created as we speak. We are incorporating a lot of new action packed videos into our website and social media outlets. Stay tuned to for updates.

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