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Self-Employed with a Boss?

Self-Employed with a Boss?

Our ideas of self-employment often involve the image of being our own boss. That we don’t work for someone else and their bottom dollar. It is true that when we are self-employed, we aren’t working to help a CEO make more money. But we still have “bosses”. Every customer and every client we take on is our “boss”.  Fortunately, it’s a good thing. Today we want to explain why it’s a good thing.

Stability & Security

Whether you are relying on a specific client to always be in need of your services or you own a franchise, there is stability and security with those “bosses”. Especially when it comes down to franchise opportunities available to entrepreneurs. With a franchise, you get to build your business on the brand recognition that is well established. Another big benefit is that you are not building a business from the ground up; with a franchise you are simply fulfilling a need in the area with a tried and true method that is already in place for you.

On the Same Page

Depending on what your business is, it’s quite possible that your clientele are entrepreneurs of their own businesses. Your clientele functions as a “boss” and having a “boss” that understands what it is you do makes your job even easier. Take for instance an individual who does bookkeeping for small businesses in the area. The small business owner may not understand every step of the financial record keeping process, but they do understand what it means to offer a service and get paid in a timely manner. There is a lot to learn from both the small business owner and the bookkeeper!

Expert Advice

Riding the waves of the understanding between small business owner and the bookkeeper, your relationship with your clientele can teach you so much about running your business. You can learn masterful tricks to marketing your business, streamlining your work process, and even if you need to increase your fees.

You Won’t Forget

For some folks, they may have to close their business and go back to a traditional 9-5 job. While we hope all small businesses stay successful, it’s a reality some have to face. The wonderful thing about going back to a traditional job after being self-employed is that you haven’t forgotten what it means to work on a deadline or work with/for other people. Unlike many others who work traditional jobs their whole lives, you have learned how to take care of every aspect of your business and keep your “bosses” happy with your service or product. This translates into bringing so much more to the table and being able to be an asset with any company you choose to work with.

There are so many great benefits to being self-employed.  You get to be passionate about work that fuels your soul and make money while doing it. You get to choose who you work with on a regular basis. You get to live a life that feels freer than if you are chained to a desk for another person. Your income is based on your success rather than on a company’s success.  We often combine all these benefits with the idea that we don’t have a boss. It’s important to change that mindset and recognize that you are the boss of your company, but there are other bosses you will be answering to.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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