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Why And How To Use Emotions When Designing A Website

Why And How To Use Emotions When Designing A Website

One of the first things you should focus on when starting a new business is creating a good website. Your company will need a lot of customers in order to grow, and traffic on your website will be a great indicator of your success. There are plenty of ways to attract people to your site, and social media platforms are the best starting point.

You should be aware that the internet has become emotional space, since people use it to fulfill variety of needs. Because of that, you’ll need to consider your users’ emotions in order to get them interested in your service or product. People make their decisions rationally, but when it comes to shopping, a lot of them will follow their hearts and give preference to brands they are emotionally involved with. The text below will offer some guidelines you should follow if you want to get to your potential costumers’ hearts.

People Like to Laugh

Using humor to attract costumers is a very effective strategy. It takes just a little smile to break the ice and make people feel comfortable. The proper use of humor works in every situation: on the street, at the workplace, and of course, on your website. Keep in mind that humor is a delicate matter, since it’s really hard to generalize. Some people will find some jokes hilarious, while others can feel embarrassed and even offended. Before launching your website, make sure to think things through when it comes to using humor.

Make sure you know your target audience very well before trying to get them laugh while they’re visiting your website. The amount and type of funny should be adjusted with the type of website and service that you offer. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to make everybody smile, but you can manage to avoid making somebody offended or embarrassed. You should also be aware that your use of humor on your site will build your brand, and your users’ perception will be influenced as well.

The Power of Recognition

People are looking for emotional connections all the time. Because of that, they’ll feel good when they see other people’s faces on websites. Seeing those faces will make people recognize themselves through others, and get attached to the brand. Every time they empathize with a person’s face on your website, they’ll recognize a problem, habit or a dilemma for example, and will feel connected and understood. All those feelings will encourage your potential customers to increase their activity while there.

People know themselves well, and they’ll try to relate with everything they see. The same rule goes while looking at the web design, regardless of the fact it doesn’t show human features in any way. But, recognizing the body’s proportions in a design is a good way of making people feel harmonic and comfortable. The reason for this vague possibility of recognition is the golden ratio, which facilitates connecting abstract concepts with our bodies. That way, people will recognize themselves through design, since they’ll see more than just objects, colors, and lines of code.

Playing with Patterns

Human biology dictates that we perceive the world around us as a sum of numerous patterns. Seeing patterns everywhere helps us to learn and understand the real nature of objects and phenomenons surrounding us. Those patterns provide us with expectations so we feel comfortable while recognizing them. Therefore, people will look for patterns online as well. While building your website, you may try to structure it the way people will find familiar patterns, causing them to feel good, and as a consequence, they’ll stay there, and come back regularly. The other way to attract people with your web design is by making a site that doesn’t fit the usual patterns.

The professionals from Web Design Sydney claim there are two outcomes of that move. People may get irritated because they won’t find what they’ve expected, which will lead to frustration, and you don’t want this happening on your website. On the other hand, a lot of people are tired of their habits and won’t feel bad about some distraction here and there. The dissonance that you provided may be seen as a positive and fun experience. Again, make sure you know your costumers and the story you’re telling on your website. If you know those, you’ll also know which road to take.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of ways to connect emotionally with your customers. The ways mentioned above may be the crucial ones, but you shouldn’t stop there. Make sure that you work on the tone of voice you use on your website, since the way you communicate with people may affect the bounce and conversion rates significantly. Don’t forget to encourage your users to get engaged on your site. This move will make your website user-friendly and every new visitor will feel better when they see other people are involved in the discussion. Conducting business is a two-way road, so keep that in mind when working on your website design.

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