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Crafting Your Online Sales Funnel: Make Your Site a Selling Machine

Crafting Your Online Sales Funnel: Make Your Site a Selling Machine

In order to maximize profits, you want to build a unified sales funnel that can turn potential customers into buyers. Establish the goals you hope to achieve as a result of your sales efforts, and then direct your strategies toward outlined objectives by strategically creating content that generates sales. Here are a few ways you can increase the success of your online business.

Concentrate on Crafting Compelling Website Copy

Focus on how you craft the language placed throughout your site. Make sure it maintains a level of consistency in terms of tone and style. For instance, if your page caters to business professionals, adhere to a more serious voice to establish credibility. When speaking about your product or service, be sure you can carry out on your promises. Don’t make claims in advertising copy that you cannot substantiate with evidence. As you build website copy, it is also important to implement audience reaction. According to a consumer review survey, 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews. This means it is imperative that you feature reviews of your product on your site. Potential buyers are more likely to place trust in those who have already tested your product.

Build Social Media Presence

Your site will most likely be viewed on a mobile device rather than a desktop computer. It’s hard to walk into a public place without finding people glued to their phones. For this reason, you want to be reachable on any device. Building up your social media presence is one way you can connect with those who are constantly scrolling through their newsfeed.

If you are promoting a sale or campaign, develop a variety of hashtags to lead consumers to your site. You want to stand out from the competition that may be offering something similar. You can also create a sense of urgency by hosting flash sales. Offer discounts during a set point of time that you only reveal at the last minute. Promote it on social media. Your traffic will be driven up as customers check your site to see if the sale has begun.

Another way to extend your reach using social media is to host contests or to offer free giveaways if followers agree to share your post. This will guide others to your site as they seek to get their hands on free products. If managing multiple social media platforms seems daunting, use Hootesuite so you can view all your pages at once. This can help you see which sites need to be updated and allow you to avoid overlap.

Connect with Influencers

Reaching out to influencers is one strategy you can implement to spread brand awareness. While a review from a customer can yield impact, an influencer’s testimonial will carry more weight. It is effective in building trust among potential buyers given that the influencer has already established their credibility. You can also request that influencers mention your product or a specific special offer you are running. It’s best to reciprocate when it comes to influencer marketing. Supplement your original content with material from leaders in your industry. Influencers will appreciate the exposure and you will get the added advantage of increasing your business’ credibility. If you don’t know who the influencers are in your industry, visit BuzzSumo, which shows you who is writing the most popular content and what messages are resonating with readers.

Have a Variety of Call to Actions

If your goal is to drive up sales, you should write engaging call to actions. Chances are, visitors to your site will spend very little time browsing it, so it is imperative that you create something on the page that captures their attention. Feature your call to action prominently at the top of the page to ensure those who land on your site see it. Make sure it stands out from other elements on the page in terms of size, font and color. While the CTA message should be short, it needs to communicate a clear and urgent message. Pay attention to supplemental materials surrounding the call to action. They should support the goal you have in mind. After featuring a CTA for a period of time, use A/B testing to analyze whether it is generating quality leads. If it is not, make adjusts to optimize CTA performance.

Simplify the Buying Process

Streamlining the buying process is essential to optimizing the customers’ buying experience. One way to simplify the process is by adding instant purchase buttons. Added steps give potential buyers the chance to pull out of sales. Another way to keep purchasers from running away from a sale is to offer automatic log in. The process of logging in if you forget your username and password is cumbersome and leads many people to abandon pages. Offering an easier route eliminates this issue. If customers opt to go through the process of checkout, get rid of unnecessary steps, which leave more room for error. Customer satisfaction will improve if the process is simplified.

Upsell on the Back End

When customers decide to buy your product or service, offer them the chance to upgrade their purchase or buy something that accompanies the product. For example, if you own a clothing store, showcase a pair of shoes that matches the dress the customer is buying. The individual may be more likely to buy more if they see the items paired together. Never give up on the opportunity to make another sell as the buying process unfolds.

Offer Cheaper Options

Any sale, no matter the size, stands to benefit your organization. Cater to customers who may not be able to afford your big ticket items. Feature downgraded products that still offer the individual value. Down the line, they may have access to more funds and decide to make a larger purchase on your site. For this reason, don’t limit your sales pitch to those with a larger budget. Give multiple options to cater to those with varying budgets.

Consider SEO

One way to boost sales is to focus on search engine optimization. Google AdWords will help you formulate relevant keywords for your business. You want to hone in on keywords that are not necessarily used by your competitors, have a high search volume, and represent your brand image. To further increase visibility, put keywords in your domain name to boost SEO and conversions. Incorporate links throughout your pages to contribute value to your content. This will help your page appear higher in web searches. Make sure to consistently post fresh content to your site. You don’t want to lose followers simply because you fail to provide the latest information.

Have Great Customer Service

Customer service should be a top priority within your business to guarantee satisfaction. According to an eConsumer Behavior Report, more than 50 percent of people want support as they make their way through the online shopping experience. It pays to be proactively engaged. Thirty-five percent of respondents see buyer outreach in a positive light. Answer customers promptly and monitor social media sites. Tools such as Hootesuite will notify you anytime your brand is mentioned, so you can enter the conversation. You can thus contribute your expertise and steer conversations away from any negativity.

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