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What Can You Expect in Your Workplace? An Infographic

What Can You Expect in Your Workplace? An Infographic

There is no denying that workforces are the home to many different personalities. Sometimes these personalities clash, and sometimes they work well and create an amazing team. No matter what your area of expertise is, you will always have to deal with various types of workers and clients under your wing. Take this fun quiz, produced by Cloud HR service Cezanne, which’ll help you to establish what type of leader you are and what type of employees you need!

The list is pretty extensive; the results are the following:

  • Robot
  • Workaholic
  • Performer
  • Glory Seeker
  • Climber
  • Loyalist
  • Leader
  • Egotist
  • Friend
  • Provider
  • Profiteer
  • People Pleaser

 Did you get the title you thought you would? Can you match your employees to these labels? Share this with your employees and see if they agree!

type of employees infographic

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