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Outsourcing Tasks to Virtual Assistant? Try these Apps Instead

Outsourcing Tasks to Virtual Assistant? Try these Apps Instead

As a small business owner, you wear a lot of different hats. You need to juggle the management of your business, your coworkers, meeting with clients, etc. To avoid negative impact on their work-life balance, many leaders tend to outsource tasks to others, sometimes to virtual assistants.

However, with every virtual assistant, you need to spend some time on the onboarding process in order to bring them up to speed. There is also some sensitive information you don’t want to put in total stranger hands. In the end, you can’t tell if this is the right person for you and your business.

As technology changes how businesses operate, there are many tasks you can now entrust to your personal assistant in your pocket.

Many tasks can be outsourced directly to your mobile phones, while you are focused on more important things. Mobile developers have tried to create mobile apps for every problem you might have. Here is the list of mobile apps that will help you manage your daily tasks, without relying on others to help you.

When’s the Meeting Again?

Being busy with running your business, you tend to stretch your mind in too many directions. In return, it leaves you incapable of remembering even the basic things. Without an assistant to plan your day according to your activities, you can get in an awkward moment when you forget about the meeting scheduled weeks before. Avoid this situation by asking help from your phone.

Any.Do is a mix of a to-do list, calendar, and planner, in an all-in-one app. You can easily add tasks by speaking with your personal assistant or by a smart auto-suggest feature that learns about your habits. You will receive reminders in dedicated time period, to make sure you never forget about something important again. You can also set reminders based on your location, like picking up office supplies when you are near the store.

Deleting Emails: Spam, Spam, Important. Oops!

“You have 22 unread emails”. This is how most inboxes look like. Many would tell that they don’t even read emails anymore because they are mostly spammy, promotional, or entirely irrelevant. On the other side, most professional communication is still performed over email. Being a small business owner, you can’t ignore your emails, but you don’t want to waste your time either.

There is a solution! Spark app uses a smart inbox option that filters important emails first and hides those spammy and promotional emails. You can also snooze email or pin it on top of the inbox to be first for reading or answering when you have time. After some time of use, it will filter real people and their emails from those newsletters and automatic responses. This app will help you “zero your inbox” and respond to important queries, without needing someone else to go through your emails. Win-win!

My Money Is Safe and Sound, Right?

Tracking all your payments, bills, and invoices is time-consuming and hard. Can you remember when the client was supposed to pay you? Did you actually send him the invoice? Let’s face it, being paid is the number one priority and it is normal that you would like to track that in person. But putting all of your mind into it might leave you without time and energy to think about running your business.

You can track your expenses without employing a person to do that and you only need one app on your phone. Wave app is the perfect way to create professional-looking invoices, with the logo of your company, by using your mobile phone. You can track all the invoices you sent, track when you receive payments, or when a client is late with a payment. One or two reminders can come in handy when someone is late and you can do this through the app.

Password Required. Try “12345”. Nope!

You probably have a personal social media profile, social media for your business, personal and business email, Cloud storage, an online bank account, various online services, and the list goes on and on. On average, we have more than 8 different profiles, login information, and password combinations. The only thing left to do would be to tell somebody else to deal with it.

However, with the importance of digital businesses and security, you need to have a solid password manager app to keep it all in one place. With the 1Password app, you only need to remember one master password or fingerprint unlocking to manage all your other passwords. You can also change any password with a new strong password, without visiting that website. Don’t waste time on the sign-in information, when you can log in with one tap using this app.

Can You Retype this PDF File into a Word Document? Anyone?

You need to prepare a lot of documentation in your line of work, but you have no time to deal with all of this. Especially when you know that you have some old documents that can just be reworked a little and would be good to go. Before going to Fiverr and hiring someone to get the job done, maybe you should consider this option first.

PDF to Word Converter will turn your PDF documents into Word documents, directly on your phone, without involving any third-party to get the work done. This app connects with cloud services, so you can access your files for conversion from anywhere. If you have the documents right in front of you, you can even scan them and convert them on the spot. Avoid retyping when you can reuse your old documents with just few quick fixes.

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