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Keeper Security Raises $60 Million

Keeper Security Raises $60 Million

As an online password manager solution specialist, Keeper, a leader in password protection management solutions, had a big 2019 as they secured a $60 Million investment in equity from Insight Partners. They were able to add 120 positions to their growing team and hope that this investment can help them add even more talent. This is the first investment funding since the company came to fruition in 2011.

The Chicago-based company knows how crippling a data breach can be for any company. While it is a public relations nightmare, it is also financially crippling, costing millions of dollars with the hope that they are able to rebound. But Keeper believes that most data breaches are preventable with the right interventions.

The interventions that Keeper offers are a whole host of password protection solutions for your home and your business. Millions of customers and thousands of businesses have already put their trust in Keeper and the company is hoping to use the acquired funds to further accelerate new market growth and obtain new customers globally.

A Big Year of Change

2019 was a big year for Keeper Security. They were able to continue growth and add those 120 positions, allowing them to expand their efforts even further without compromising their value.

While they are happy with the growth, they feel 2020 can also be a big year. When COVID hit it really changed the way consumers and businesses look at online and password security as most employees were shifted to remote work from home, which introduces a whole new host of security issues. Gone are the locked down internet and network connections that can keep you safe from data breaches on your network. Instead you are relying on someone’s home network to access work information. These may or may not have been employees that were able to work from home before, so their connections may not be as secure.

Being home also gave hackers more time to try to get access to secured information. It was a race to the finish line to keep companies safe.

This issue came to the forefront of many business owners’ minds quickly, and the need for password security skyrocketed. There is no time like the present to ensure your passwords are protected and your information is secure. Now more than ever, it is essential that your employees are well protected against data breaches regardless of if they are in the office or working remotely.

Solutions that Work

Keeper Security offers a password protection program that manages passwords across multiple applications that are all accessed by one master password, eliminating the need for remembering and entering passwords to every website you use. They offer reports that detail these passwords and the employees use in the system that can be pulled at any time.

Additionally, they have add-on packages that both scan and monitor the dark web for any signs of a data breach across all aspects of your company. Every employee is given their own vault with passwords and there are add-on options that allow you to share passwords with only members of your team and add encryption so that your data is not able to accessed even if your system was breached.

A Leading Choice

Along with Keeper’s stellar password management and other add-on services is its second-to-none support system. Keeper offers its clients a large and extensive web-based support file that can help you easily diagnose and troubleshoot any problem you may be having.

For the employees who aren’t as tech savvy or who are struggling to figure out an answer to an issue, they also have 24/7 online customer support chat and email. Online chat gives you the opportunity to communicate with a human at any time of the day or night; this is especially convenient for businesses that operate 24/7, that may have an issue arise when their designated IT person is no longer in the office. Being able to quickly chat with someone eliminates any downtime in having to wait until the next business day to get your questions answered.

While the support system is first class, the user interface is so simple to use, that most customers will have a very easy time navigating the system.

Bright Future Ahead

As we continue to rely on technology and online systems to run our businesses, the need for strong security is only going to increase. Preventing a data breach starts with strong password management and systems put into place to keep your protected information safe.

With the $60 Million investment from Insight Partners, Keeper Security is able to grow and expand in a market that desperately needs companies that are there to help protect them and their securities. Already a leader in the industry, Keeper’s new growth can help them reach unprecedented success.

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