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6 Signs that you Need a Virtual Office

6 Signs that you Need a Virtual Office

For many small businesses, having an office is a necessity, but in the startup phase, or for a struggling small business, it may seem like renting an office is just too large of an expense to take on. The good thing is that the budget does not have to be an issue when it comes to office space, you just may need to think outside the box. For example, you can have a virtual office in Dallas, like those being offered by Common Desk, and experience many of the benefits of having an actual office space of your own, but without the high costs.

If the following things are true about your small business, a virtual office may be just the solution you’re looking for.

You Are Cash-Strapped

It is common for small businesses to have financial constraints—especially new small businesses. However, do not let this become a hindrance to having your own office. A virtual office may just be the perfect solution! If you are looking for an affordable virtual office, or even a shared office for rent, a company like Common Desk can help connect you one that will meet your needs and stay within your budget.

You Want to Project a Professional Image

One of the goals of new businesses is to appear professional in the eyes of their potential clients. To do this, you need to have a virtual office. With a virtual office, you get a business address, but can still work in the comfort of your own home while wearing your pajamas, and your customers will never know.

You Need a Business Mailing Address

There are some clients who are conscious about postal codes and office locations and want to see that a company has a legitimate business address, rather than a residential address. When you have a virtual office, you get the business address you need to impress those discerning clients. In line with promoting a professional image, a virtual office will give your business a strategic address, even if you are not actually in that place.

You Need Access to a Meeting Space

In the case of most virtual offices, you will be able to enjoy access to their meeting rooms as part of the package. If you ever need to meet a client, you can do so in a meeting room in a professional office building, rather than in a crowded café. This increases the likelihood of making a killer presentation that would make the client say “yes” to working with your small business!

You Want your Employees to be More Productive

There are many ways to make employees more productive in what they are doing, and one of the best would be through having a virtual office. This is basically because a virtual office can offer better flexibility and a more favorable work-life balance. Employees can work at home or anywhere they are, as long as they have access to the virtual office.

You Want to Become More Competitive

To stay competitive—in whatever industry you conduct business—you need to take advantage of every “edge” you can find. Having a virtual office can give your business a competitive advantage over your competitors without an office. You will appear more legitimate in the eyes of your potential clients, since you have an actual business address, as opposed to a home address or a P.O. Box.

If you’ve never considered having a virtual office, now is the time to look into the possibility. With its abundance of benefits, it shouldn’t be hard for you to be convinced that it is indeed a must!

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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