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When a Mobile Office Trailer is the Best Solution for your Business

When a Mobile Office Trailer is the Best Solution for your Business

Aside from payroll, renting, leasing or buying office space is often one of the larger expenses a company incurs. As with any large business expense, it is helpful to re-evaluate it every so often to make sure your money is being well-spent for what you are getting in return. If your office space is not meeting your needs, it might be time to get creative and consider options you may not have considered before.

Much has been written recently about shared office spaces, or workspaces, as well as creative ways to run your business from your own home, but many small business owners fail to recognize how utilizing a mobile office trailer could be a benefit to their businesses, even if only for a period of time.

Admittedly, mobile office trailers aren’t for everyone, but there are certain times when using one could offer advantages that are not available with traditional office spaces, and therefore may be the best solution.

Mobile Office Trailers Offer Flexibility

With mobile office trailers, flexibility is the biggest advantage they offer. There are certain industries that only need office space in a certain location for a specific amount of time. For those industries, utilizing a temporary office trailer makes perfect sense. Generally, an office trailer can be leased for a shorter period of time than traditional office space.

With mobile office trailers, flexibility is the biggest advantage they offer.

According to Sandra Tordoff of Golden Office Trailers in Southern California, the industry that makes the most use of office trailers is the construction industry—mainly commercial builders and new home builders. Mobile office trailers can also make sense for seasonal businesses or for businesses that put on special events at locations away from their main location. According to Sandra, “Mobile office trailers can offer business owners a great amount of flexibility–both in terms of lease terms and features. Office trailers can be customized so you get exactly what your business needs for the amount of time it needs it.”

Emergency Office Space

There are times when you need office space now, and don’t have time to find or build a new space. Perhaps you’ve had a fire or other damage to your current office space. Business isn’t going to wait for you to rebuild or find the perfect new space to lease. A mobile office trailer could be a great temporary solution for an emergency situation.

Office Space for the “In Between” Times

Your business is growing and you have to hire new employees. Great! But where are you going to put them all? You need space now, but you’re not sure the growth is sustainable, so you’re hesitant to make any major decisions about expanding your facility or moving to a new, larger one. Bringing in a mobile office trailer can buy you some time as you decide on your next steps.

According to Sandra, “With a mobile office trailer, you are paying for convenience. If you find your business in need of more office space on your current property for whatever reason, but don’t necessarily want to take on a building project, a mobile office trailer is the perfect solution. It can be delivered and set up at your location in a matter of days.”

When convenience and flexibility are your highest priorities when it comes to office space, a mobile office trailer could be just the thing your business needs to keep moving forward.

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by Emily Lund // Co-founder and Managing Editor of Businessing Magazine. Content Strategist and multi-function copywriter at Modmacro℠, specializing in marketing communications for small businesses and non-profits.

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