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8 In-House Growth Tactics That Will Improve Business Productivity

8 In-House Growth Tactics That Will Improve Business Productivity

The success of any business lies in the people who operate at the heart of it—the employees. When a company runs like a well-oiled machine and the team is happy, productivity levels will soar and your business will reach new heights.

Revamp your company culture today by following these 8 simple in-house growth tactics.

Have a Clear Idea About Each Role and Each Employee

When you are looking to grow your team, the worst thing you can do is not have a clear vision for each role. Hiring someone because you think you may possibly need an extra pair of hands to help with one aspect of your business is not smart. You must create a full role that someone can call their own, or else you’ll risk them becoming frustrated at the lack of direction and leaving you. Or, you could end up stuck with them and paying a full salary when you don’t really need to.

The key is to not jump into it. If there looks like a gap that needs to be filled, do what you can internally first, and then consider going through the process of bringing someone new in.

When you have a team where each member is satisfied in his or her role, everyone will work towards the business goal and your business will be more productive.

Hire Good Character as Well as Good Skills

Obviously, you want to hire someone who has the adequate skills required to succeed in a role, but don’t underestimate the importance of a good personality and attitude. You can teach people how to do things, but you can’t teach them how to fit in with a team.

The key thing to look for in an interview is respect, manners, a good attitude, and an impressive work ethic. A candidate might not quite have the level of experience you require, but you should choose them over a candidate who perhaps may have a better experience, but who is giving off a bad vibe.

The productivity levels of your business will rise if your team members can work together. This is particularly important if you have a small team, as each employee has a larger impact on the business.

Be Attuned to Your Team

You may be the CEO of your company and have delegated a lot of responsibility to other team members, but that doesn’t mean you should turn a blind eye to what’s going on within your team.

You should always endeavor to know how your team is operating together, and how each employee is coping. If you have a hunch that one of your team members isn’t happy—whether in their role or in their personal life—give them the respect of letting them know you’re concerned and work with them to fix it.

Happy people are more productive, so it’s in the interest of the individual, the team, and the business that every employee is happy, enthusiastic, and feels valued.

Praise Good Work

Praise your team and individual employees when they complete good work or reach a business goal. You don’t have to praise all of the time, but make sure your team knows you are watching their good work and are proud of them.

Also, don’t be afraid to use incentives to drive in-house enthusiasm and productivity. This could be anything, from free team lunches on a Friday, to a gift card for the stand-out employee of the month.

Hold Regular Meetings

Communication is absolutely essential for in-house business growth. Without communication, your team won’t feel respected or valued, and their interest in the business will waver.

Whenever there’s a change in the company—big or small—hold a meeting to let your team know how it will affect them. Meetings are also beneficial for increasing team morale, momentum, and productivity, and you also get the chance to re-communicate the brand ethos.

Be Flexible

Work in today’s modern age isn’t what it used to be. More and more businesses are moving away from the traditional 9-5 set-up, as they have found it isn’t realistic or productive.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with flexible working hours or allowing team members to work from home when it makes more sense. People have busy and complex lives. Showing them that you’re willing to be flexible and accommodate their schedules when necessary could be the key to getting the most out of your employees.

Encourage Ideas

 Don’t be shy about asking your team for ideas and feedback—on business projects or internal processes. You may just learn something that could inspire you to make changes to your business that could see it experience incredible growth.

Create an Inspiring Working Environment

People are a reflection of their environment, so it’s crucial that you make your workplace somewhere your employees can feel happy, relaxed, and inspired.

Your ability to revamp your work space depends on space and whether you have your own office or are in a co-working space. However, your employees will be more productive if they have:

  • A bright office space
  • A desk chair that supports their back
  • Quality kitchen amenities
  • A break-out area where they can eat relax and eat lunch

Another way to increase inspiration in the workplace is to add art and color. You can even hire a printing service to produce banners, posters, and other materials that showcase your business identity and achievements.


 By following these 8 simple tips to improve in-house growth rate, you will enhance your company culture and see amazing returns. When your employees are happy, satisfied, and enthusiastic about coming to work, your business benefits. Don’t neglect your team members—they are the most important piece of the puzzle and you must nurture them.

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by Craig Evans // Craig Evans is a finance fanatic and tech junkie based in Sydney, Australia. He likes to impart his knowledge and share insights on the latest business industry news, marketing, and leadership tips.

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